A Dark Council And Deceit

Cast: Daedrick Rochwulf, Wolfhardt Koenig, Baron Von Frankenstein, Gunter Horst, Sofia Wolfe, Jurgen Wolfgang Schlag
Premise: The Majors of the Maracaibo Operation meet to discuss certain people.

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Standing up from his metallic chair at the conference table in the Councils Chamber Rochwulf gathers the report papers in his gloved hand and slides the half-cape over his shoulder, "I do very much appreciate the audience. First I wish to report that the Fatherland is doing very well currently in our expansion and that, as expected, the British and French are unable to stop our slow and stalwart advance."

Daedrick clears his throat and hands four dossier folders to his lockstep assistant to hand to the other key members of the Maracaibo sector, "The profile I have just handed you is one of is Vice Admiral Gunter Horst. Some of you may know him as…A rather interesting member of the party, others may not have heard of him. Educate yourselves on his past and present, it may be paramount." He opens his own folder and flips to a sheet, "As of a month ago we have lost contact with Horst, he failed to give in a report and we have been unable to reach him for further information and instructions. Gunter Horst has gone rogue."

Major Baron Von Rautenhart, the newly arrived Luftwaffe pilot, flips the dossier given to him open and scans the top page without a great deal of apparent interest. Then again, he really hasn't the sort of face or persona that broadcasts emotion of any kind. He might have had the ability surgically removed or it was broken along with the rest of his face and never fully repaired. He glances aside at Schlag, but doesn't say anything.

Wolfhardt receives the dossier and carefully examines it. He had heard of this exceptionally disfigured captain, and the report's enough to fill the gaps in the Sturmbannfuehrer's knowledge of the man. If he can really be considered a man: his photograph is rather disgusting, but that produces no change in Koenig's serious expression. Once Rochwulf leaves enough room for questions, he asks, "What's his last known position, Sturmbannf├╝hrer?" Wolf assumes he wouldn't have been informed if Horst hadn't disappeared in the vicinity.

Sofia is largely here because she's just talented enough to do what she does. She must look a bit plain beside the more ornate uniforms. Sofia is quietly reading the dossier once it makes it to her. She looks cold and quiet, peering out from beneath her glasses. She lifts her eyebrows. She glances between the pilots and officers, gauging their reactions. "Hm…" A soft noise of consideration.

Representing the occult interests of the Schutzstaffel, Jurgen Schlag sits and reads quietly as Horst's dossier is handed to him. He peruses the information rapidly; a sheet is flipped, quickly followed by another. As usual, there is little to betray what the enigmatic SS occultist's reaction to this information is. The folder is then closed and slipped back on the table, at which point Schlag turns his head slightly to the Baron - and no words.

"That…Is a problem, we do not exactly know where the Captain is. He has evaded telling us his location for some time now, citing security issues. Up until his last communication we had been demanding his location. We do not know if he has directly cut off communication or if this is something of a sabotage. Either way the Captain must be found, it is paramount to both the Fatherland and our Great Leader."

Daedrick the Bane closes the dossier and walks over to the large map at the side of the room, his half-cape swishing behind him, "We do know he is somewhere in this region, based on his last transmission." He turns back to those Majors in the room, "I will be blunt, the Captain may have his hands on dangerous technology or devices of interest to the Thule Society and the Great Leader." He takes this moment to subtly flash the Thule symbol under the half-cape.

Jackboots. Well polished and hard soled, they echo on the concrete floor of the bunker. At least 5 pairs. The doors open, the crisp movements of the outer guards in perfect time. The Naval Uniform of the Nazi Party is the first thing that may be noticed, then the fine sculpted chin, the perfect Aryan chin, the chiseled nose, the deep green eyes. The perfection of the Uberman.

That is where perfection ends, his face a torn and ragged half mask of missing flesh, exposed teeth and oversized eye… Injuries that have made Horst both feared, reviled and legendary among the Under Sea Boat community. No pilot is he, no Tank Commander. No. Vice Admiral Gunther Horst is a man of silence, running under the currents of politics and ever only a fathom above crush depth.

"The Society does not issue my orders, Sturmbannf├╝hrer RochWulf… As of my last posting, Admiral Donitz still does." He pauses in the door, removing his perfectly white gloves. "Has there been a change you can -properly document-, or shall we continue with this… briefing?"

Sturmbannfuehrer Koenig discretely glances at the Thule symbol momentarily flashed. He's unfazed. It's not easy to surprise the Black Baron these days. He listens carefully, not having any further questions for the moment. Wolfhardt looks at Sofia for a moment, curious if she has any opinions on the subject, perhaps about the advanced technology Horst might have in his possession. But he quickly turns his attention back to the dossier and Rochwulf.

But soon Wolf abruptly turns his eyes towards the man who just entered the room. He doesn't need to glimpse at the photo again to realize he's precisely the traitor to the Reich they're talking about! He bolts to a standing position, his Luger coming out of nowhere, aimed at the 'admiral' at lightning speed, "HALT! GUARDS!" Koenig shouts. Okay, that might've surprised him a bit, but his face doesn't show it at all as the barrel of his sidearm remains trained on Horst's horrendously scarred face.

Schlag leans back in his chair, elbows resting on the armrests and gloved fingers laced together thoughtfully. Otherwise, the eerie, unmoving SS officer looks much like a part of the backdrop; his complete inaction is unmarred even by any hint of breathing.

That changes abruptly at the sudden appearance of the monstrously-deformed Horst: Schlag looks up abruptly, snapping to attention so fast it appears almost unnatural. Leaping to his feet, Schlag flexes his arms and — as Wolf suggested — a pair of triangular wrist blades slides out from his sleeves. Still, not a word from him.

Baron flips the next page, scans the sheet. He somehow makes the simple act of reading something to himself seem really quite solemn. Oddly, he checks his gloved fingertips after the page turn, as if checking to see if the ink had come off on them. Not that it would matter too much, considering that his gloves are, well, black. Upon the entering of a vice admiral, he stands but not with the same haste and intent that Wolf has. No weapon is drawn, nor does he charge at the guy. He just stands there and looks him over, one scarred up monster checking out the other. It's like if sasquatch and bigfoot ran into each other in the woods. Smoothly, he interjects, "Gentlemen, a little restraint until we have this situation sorted, yes?"

Sofia has slender white gloves on the other hand. She looks to Sturmbannfuehrer Koenig and Baron - Schlag briefly, familiar faces - for reactions. She is neutral, and far more cool. "I haven't lost any major machinery…" She considers, "But I will check our inventories to make sure all is safe," She promises quietly. At the sound of the man entering the room, her eyes widen, eyebrows lifting. She pushes her glasses up on her nose. Her body language is still and subtle. She could almost blend into a more civilian setting, if not for her dark uniform. Her mouth opens a little, and she closes it. "Ah…" This is a bit awkward.

Herr Kaptain turns his attention slowly to Koenig, like a Glacier grinding its way down the mountain side. "Put your sidearm away, Sturmbannfuhrer.. unless you intend to shoot me on this mans word… My taskforce has been under enforced radio silence since leaving the Fatherland 3 months ago. Our orders are issued by Admiral Dornitz, and I dare say.. they outrank this man. If you are in the habit of pointing guns at fellow officers of the Reich, I forsee a short, tragic career for you."

He doesn't move, instead, continuing to remove his gloves. One hand perfectly formed, the other mottled red and swirled with tanned patches, burn scars. "Now. A briefing. Some meeting of utmost importance? I am here, and yet, if this.." A gesture to Koenig… "Is all that it is, I will take my leave and return to my operations."

"Ah, Captain Horst, so good to see your face again." Daedrick the Bane says, smirking and flipping his blond hair back. Anyone paying close attention will notice that his gloved and plated hand is slightly shaking until it reaches under his half-cape and pulls out a box of German smokes. He pulls out a thin cigarette and holds out the box, "Care for me to light you up?" His grin is so wide he can barely keep the cigarette in his mouth.

Heh. Well, it's either Rochwulf's word of Horst's. Gunther can claim whatever he wants, but Rochwulf's dossiers look pretty solid to Koenig. But then again, the Vice Admiral sounds pretty damn confident, and he just walk through an entire military base full of soldiers of the Reich. The Black Baron's fingers quickly point his Luger upwards for a moment, briefly signalling he's standing down, and then holsters it, "I apologize, Herr Admiral." He says quickly, no emotion on his face. No visible regret nor anything. The man that was briefing the group then gets a glare from his fellow Sturmbannfuehrer, "What is the meaning of this, Rochwulf?" He asks with a faint threatening undertone.

While most people would likely avoid looking at Horst's mug for long, Schlag displays no discomfort at staring at the Vice Admiral's disfigurements. Perhaps Schlag isn't much different under his mask of bandages? It is the Baron's urging of restraint that causes Schlag to back down, his wrist blades retracting under the sleevs of his coat. But now, his goggle-covered gaze shifts from Horst to Rochwulf, silently gauging the two men.

The Baron will continue standing there, doing his standing there thing. Seems the most sensible course of action given the situation. Stand and observe. Stand and observe.

Sofia is in the Baron's camp. Not that she has a firearm on her, at the moment. But her intense green eyes are a bit cold, calculating and analyzing. She seems distant, cool. She is mostly still, eyebrows lifted. "What an interesting turn…" Perhaps this variable was not considered.

The gloves are tucked in to the right side epilate of the pure white Naval dress uniform, Gunter Horst turning slowly back to Rochwolf… Now ignoring the pair who have drawn weapons or put them away. "You have… developed a curious sense of humor in the last few years, Rochwulf. It was not so long ago you were content to simply insult me at University. Now, it is attempting to have me shot." He moves to a chair, settling in to it stiffly. A glance is then given to the two who weapons. "Think nothing of it. Any empire needs those who lack the ability to rationalize the ramifications of a man being declared a traitor then walking through an entire military base full of the Reich's most loyal sons, at the request of the Party. Every empire needs… followers."

"Oh come now Horst, the Great Leader was simply worried for your well being. You are always under his gaze." Daedrick Rochwulf comments putting the cigarette into his mouth and giving it a light, "Or is it apple in his eye? I can never remember that phrase correctly. Besides, we both know the ladies would never know a few more holes."

He waves his hand and walks to the conference table, tapping the dossier, "Tell us Captain, why have you gone under radio silence? Hmm? The Society may not give you orders but I do receive my notice of investigation from on high and I intend to carry it out." He has a crooked grin that should tell everyone he possibly pulled a few strings to get this investigation lead.

Horst settles his hands in front of him on the table. "Present your orders on which you base your authority to question mine." It is not a request. It is, by its tone, by its inclination, a demand.

This could've been a secret enough that the soldiers outside didn't know of Horst's alleged betrayal and allowed him through just fine, Koenig thought to himself. Arrogant bastard. He didn't even bother showing all the papers he said he had. But he quickly dismisses the blatant insult to his intellect, and sits down once more. If this was all but one of the most unprofessional jokes Wolfhardt has ever heard, then the Fatherland could certainly do without men like Rochwulf. Wolf just listens now, his expression unchanged even despite all those disdainful thoughts.

As Horst and Rochwulf trade words, Schlag again melts into the background, observing both men in silence. The disfigured Kriegsmariner's insult seems not to even register with Schlag, but then again, when has he ever expressed any real emotion? He remains standing, however, waiting for this command issue to be resolved first.

Baron reaches over and closes the dossier he hadn't gotten that far into to begin with. Again he checks the tips of his fingers after touching the papers, like he's feeling something quite nasty clinging to the leather and threatening to seep right through it to the skin. Now, the exchange between Horst and Rochwulf isn't ignored, or really missed, he simply doesn't look like he's on the edge of his seat over it. Then again, like Schlag he's still standing.

Mmmm. Sofia is willing to make a few thoughtful noises. Her eyebrows lift at the comments. Cough. Oh my. She looks between the two, then a curious glance to the Baron and - hmm. She is background noise, however, fingertips steepling. She takes a deep breath and simply watches. Any insults are simply quietly ignored, turned aside like water from a sheet.

Slamming his played glove into the metal conference table The Bane points a black glove finger at the Captain, "Do not attempt to weasel out of this one Captain Horst, you know full well I act for the Society and the Great Leader in watching you. Do not think we haven't seen your actions and your…" He cuts himself off quickly but his stern gaze still holds true, "You will explain your actions and reasoning before me, before us."

There's something to be said for confidence. The ability to buffalo past whatever objections the other may offer, despite reason or rational. The fist hitting the table doesn't really get a reaction from Horst, but the words seem to score some point, bringing the mans chin up, defiantly. Getting a bit of a rise from him. "You… have failed to answer my question, Herr RochWulf. Failed to present your orders." A pause as he turns to gaze levelly at the other man. "And you will do so. Or you will excuse yourself from polite company as an officer and gentleman."

Miffed but satisfied with the Captain's emotional reply the Bane of Wolves steps away from the table, "You will find proper documentation in my dossier, Captain Horst. I suggest you take a serious glance at the notes levied against you by our superiors. Your actions of late have been suspicious." He pulls the cigarette from his mouth and puffs a small bit, "But the Party is very glad you have not defected, that would be a serious blow to our face."

Ha! It'd appear Rochwulf was serious after all, despite the initial, utterly adolescent exchange between him and Horst. For a moment, he feels the urge to light a cigarette himself, but suppresses that. Once his fellow Sturmbannfuehrer manages to wrangle in the loose cannon of a Kriegsmarine officer, Koenig turns his eyes towards the latter, secretly eagerly expecting his reply. Not so hot now, hmm?

Judging by the expression on Sofia's face, the occult is not something that might come easily to her. Their politics are unknown to her, but she knows a struggle when she sees one. She watches, keeping her fingers steepled, intense green eyes cold and her gaze level. Her mind is turning over possibilities, probabilities, and interconnections. Why, who… Hm. She does seem somewhat amused by the turn, although curious. "Hm." Is the only soft noise.

Herr Kaptain accepts the Dossier now, opening the leather case to look inside at the papers presented. "Ahh." Says the Navy man then, looking down at what is a hastily scribbled, poorly defined order from one of Dornitz's less able sub-commanders… "I could challenge these orders based on protocol. But I will not. If you wish, Herr Rochwulf, to see my task group, I will allow it. You will provide your own transportation of course, to my base of operations." he says, standing then from the table, one hand reaching for his gloves…

"We are currently in transit, so you will have to allow me a days grace to prepare for your visit."

And so the Vice Admiral's defeated. Wolfhardt would allow himself a discrete smirk, but he has already taken the liberty of enjoying a fine cigarette. So his expression remains just the same, only minutely affected during those moments the tobacco pleases him. His eyes travel between Rochwulf and Horst as they talk, but Koenig remains silent, no interjections coming to mind. Sofia gets a glance from him every now and then, but beyond that he remains completely focused on listening.

"I will allow you that day, Captain Horst, and that day only." Daedrick Rochwulf says, curtly, to the Captain before turning to Wolfhardt, "Major? I bid you and the other good day. I hope that we will not have to re-visit this situation in the future." He grabs the dossier from off the table and nods for his assistants to grab the others. He marches, straight, flicking his hair out of the way, towards the exit.

Sofia looks almost Machiavellian staring quietly behind the lenses of her glasses, slender fingers still steepled and white-gloved. The quiet power. Well, perhaps not. She is no *officer* directly. And it's a disconcerting position. A glance to Koenig, and the others, each face considered. Although, there's a faint relief. It's not /her/ projects being inspected. "Flying temple?" She seems a bit … surprised. The tone of her voice indicates she doesn't seem to expect a response, simply an outloud thought and she quietly covers her mouth.

Herr Kaptain keeps the dossier given him, unless it is specifically taken from him, in which case he will simply keep the orders for study. He stands then, not offering a salute to Rochwulf. He does offer a nod to Sofia, but proceeds to ignore Wolf and Schage. "Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen." HE clicks his heels, then preforms a textbook about face.

Wolfhardt gives a nod as he's dismissed and presses his cigarette on the ashtray in the middle of the conference table. He then stands up and straightens his field uniform. Then he sharply raises his hand to an oblique position, "Heil Hitler!" He says vigorously, accurately turns 90 degrees and heads towards the door. Soon, Sturmbannfuehrer Koenig is out of the picture.

Herr Kaptain turns then, looking over his shoulder to Wolf. He snaps to attention, a salute thrust forward with the cripsness of a knife… "HEIL HITLER!" His boots click together as he does so.

A polite nod and smile back. Sofia simply salutes Wolf back, an almost reflexive habit. She is much softer in her salute. However, with everyone going, the woman is following out too. The tension is not lost on her.

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