A Tribal Dress for the Gentleman

Cast: Johnbreque Pith, Gayle Fletcher, Leo Messina, and Jack Tailspin
Premise: Having bought a tribal dress as a collectors item, Pith needs to get it to his home safely with the help of a few adventurers.

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Not quite sunset yet, the late afternoon Brazilian sun seems to be hanging around, dragging slowly on it's daily circuit to the horizon. The colors of the sky are just starting to turn shades of red and orange and gold, the heat of the day dissipating somewhat. The crate containing the rare South American tribal dress has been inspected and turns out to be quite genuine. Money changing hands out here on the outskirts of the jungle. The city itself is a short hour's flight away from the clearing where the complex of huts, warehouse, and landing strip where Johnbreque is picking up the precious cargo, and so far a boring and routine hop for all involved, as the negotiations between the seller and three of his workers standing around are just being finalized.

"Good to do business with you gents." The British explorer who is selling the artifacts is mopping his face lightly with a white kerchief, "And even better to be rid of the damn things. They might not be cursed, but we sure have had a load of trouble."

Leo is to the side of the transaction, chomping on a cheap cigar and observing the sale take place. He stifles a yawn against his jacket sleeve before pulling on the cigar for a moment, the crackling of the dirt cheap filler audible before he lets out a plume of smoke. He idly looks about the hangar, making sure to keep track of what face belongs to whom, in case things get messy later on.

Jack is sitting astride on top of his airplane's motor. The motor is open and he is fixing some stuff that was out of place inside of it "Darn! It happened again!", he curses. The plane is currently resting almost in the village, next to the short airstrip that was cut in the jungle. It's surrounded by a small group of natives looking with curiosity how Jack works.

"Not everyone can be as skilled at the dealings of artifacts and relics, my good boy. But you've done your job beautifully. I commend you." Johnbreque Pith explains, folding his arms as he watches the cargo being moved to the plane. "Hopefully things will go smoother for us, yes. Well good chap, I'll see you next time you have something I want." Mr. Pith walks his way to Leo, "Are we all set?" Hand on holstered revolver in a relaxed way. His monocle glints in the sunlight as his handlebar mustache tweaks from the smile.

Gayle stands off to the sidelines as well, her flight helmet tucked under one arm. She runs a hand through her rather sweaty curls. Not an attempt to straighten them. They're short enough that grooming isn't a great concern. It seems more of an idle habit. She turns her head to keep one eye on her small plane, not unlike a watchful mother, continuing to wait. She's parked not far from Jack, though spaced out enough that take-off shouldn't be too crowded. She offers the natives a polite sort of nod, though most of her attention is on Jack and his cursing os his plane. "Your bird treating you wrong, Tailspin?" she asks, her American accent drawling a little. Midwestern obviously, if one knows about such things. She's quite content to watch the job from afar, though she does keep one eye on it.

Even the least alert member of the group can see what happens next. Out from the surrounding jungle about 6 people come bursting out of the bush. 2 of them seem to have pistols, 3 of them machetes, and the last one unarmed. A few more men come out from behind the warehouse, opening fire with their pistols on the British men. Over the sudden sound of gunfire, a German voice can be heard shouting. "There! Get ze crate!" The British men are fighting back, doing the best they can to hold off those behind the village, but it seems that the scene has suddenly evolved into chaos! Gayle's plane is still functional sure, with enough room for at least a few of them, but there's no way to get them all out AND the crate unless they can get Jack's plane up and running, and hopefully before these German ruffians get to them!

Jack smiles and says "Not at all.. on the contrary this lady is still smooth and soft…", then he closes the hood with a loud clank and a little piece of metal falls from the wing "Ooops…". Then he rises his eyes and suddenly notices the germans "What the…???!!"

"Smooth and soft, hmm? I prefer a bird with a bit sharpness to her, myself…" Gayle opines, but she trails off, interrupted. What with armed men with their German accents bursting onto the scene and all. "Goddammit!" The curse is bitten off under her breath, in startled surprise. "Where the devil…? Tailspin, let me give you a hand with that plane. We might need to get out of here quick, from the look of things." And she ambles over to his plane to do just that.

Gayle's quick work with the plane manages to get it up and running along with Jack's help. The engine is starting up in slow spurts and starts as they slam the hood back down over it, the propellers slowly beginning to crank in their turn around. It looks like they've got two planes now, and some (1) crate and of course themselves to load onto it. Meanwhile a few of the Germans have split off and are running in their direction, some of them getting close enough to make those pistols look pretty uncomfortable….

Jack stands up on top of the plane and says "Yeehaa!" when he hears the motor roaring. "Let's get moving, Gayle!!" He jumps into the cockpit through the top entrance and steers the plane to the airstrip, then letting it taxi slowly as he stands up again, pulling out his gun and shouting at the team "Come on, come on! Let's go!"

Leo looks back towards Johnbreque and starts to shout after letting out some cigar smoke, "Everything seems…" His head snaps towards the sounds of armed men opening fire and demanding the crate, running out to where all the action is. "Shit…" he mutters as he takes out his shotgun and loads it with a pair of slugs, trying to figure out who's shooting whom.

The German that Leo shoots at manages to dive out of the way easily. Not only does he dive out of the way of Pith's bullet, but squeezes off his own return shot. The Aryan bullet doesn't quite manage to nail Leo, missing him by the barest fraction of inches as the German fires from the ground. But the bullet sure should make the heroes drop their heads down as it pings off the skin of one of the two planes, slowing them down just enough for the Germans to gain a little ground.

Clicking the hammer for his Smith & Watson revolver Mr. Pith slowly walks towards the plane sideways as he aims his gun at the rogue with a pistol. "Keep steady Mister Pith…" He mumbles to himself right before popping off the shot at the German scoundrel. His mustache twitching with the concentration.

"Right behind you!" Gayle calls over her shoulder to Jack, jumping free of his plane once he's ready to roll. She sprints back toward her own craft, trying to keep her head low to avoid any stray gunfire. Being tall has its disadvantages when trying to duck.

Jack lets the plane keep moving slowly, to let his friends catch up with it. Meanwhile he is on the top entrance and aims to the Germans with his gun carefully. If some of them gets too close to the plane he'll shoot at them. "Jump in!! RUN!"


One of the Germans goes sprawling in the dirt as Jack's shot connects with him. Maybe not dead, but definitely had the feet knocked out from under him, falling backwards heels over his head as he rolls back against the wall of one of the huts. The British men have been overwhelmed, and it looks like a few of the Germans have gotten the bright idea to head for planes and try to commandeer them.

"Goddammit…" he mutters under his breath as he clearly misses before grimacing briefly when the German's bullet whizes by him. Not even stopping to pause, Leo continues to run towards the planes at a brisk pace, reaching them and turning around to take aim at the Germans chasing them.

Another hit for the good guys, as yet another German goes down. Many of them are tied up dealing with the British men who have run away or are starting to fight back. One of them has managed to make it into a plane of their own, and most of the others have been scattered by the deadly gunfire of Pith and Leo, deadly aims!

Pushing his bowler hat down Mister Pith holsters his revolver and makes a running dash towards the plane, "Come now Mister Leo, I believe it's time we vacated the area! Make haste, we shant want to stay around longer when reinforcements arrive." His boots slapping onto the ground with heavy steel thuds.

And so the pair of planes takes off into the skies, making a mad dash with their cargo back towards the city. Jack and Gayle, flying aces are behind the yokes and pushing their planes for all the speed they can get. Leo finds himself facing a rusted old machine gun of small caliber, mounted in a turret WWI style. Well that might come in handy. Poor Pith though is in Gayle's plane with nothing between him but a wing and a prayer along with his own trusty sidearms.

About 3 minutes after taking off, just enough time to begin to congratulate themselves on a speedy getaway, and two planes come tearing out of the jungle behind the group, and judging by the hail of gun fire being directed in the direction of our plucky heroes, they sure aren't friendly.

Jack shouts "Hold tight man!", he starts to climb up forcing the engine to the max, then barrel turns to the right followed by a deep dive towards the jungle "WHAAAMMMmm…", this masterful maneuver will surely leave back any chasers…


The German plane chasing Jack through the skies can't quite seem to keep up, it barrels up and tries to turn around, diving down towards the jungle and keeping on his tail, but can't quite pull up in time. The wood on metal thwack thwack of jungle dense growth slapping into their wings and the bottom of their plane, tearing off paneling can be heard even over the whine of the engines. They're still on Jack's tail, but wobbling now.

Gayle works her controls and gives her propeller blades a spin once any friendlies that are coming aboard are aboard. To menace any nearby Germans. "Stay back, kraut-sniffers!" she hollers. Then, to her passengers, "Hang onto your bullocks, boys! It's going to be an interesting ride…" And she's off, pulling up into the wild blue yonder. She pushes her small craft full speed ahead, zig-zagging in an improvised sort of 'evasive action' over to jungle. Uncomfortably close to those trees, but almost as if luring the Germans toward banging into one. Or at least making them think twice about pursuing her. Though hopefully she'll avoid knocking her plane, herself.

Gayle unfortunately isn't able to shake her pursuer at all, the German plane is lining up, zigging and zagging along with her, not gaining any ground but seeming to be trying to line up for a shot, the gunner in that plane turning a small machine gun in the direction of her prop plane…

Leo shouts, "What?!" as the rush of air and gunfire makes it hard to hear before Jack's maneuver takes the mercenary by surprise, gripping whatever he can on the plane. Wiping his brow with his jacket sleeve, he grips the machine gun and steadies it, taking aim at the plane pursuing the plane that his on and taking a shot.

Pulling his adventuring pack from the floor of the plane Mister Pith adjusts his goggles and pulls up his hunting rifle, "Be right back my dear, keep stable if you would." He stands up in his seat, locking his steel toed boots into the seat crevices. He levels his rifle and takes a shot.

Pith must be one living hell of a shot with that rifle, because his first bullet manages to plug the engine right smack in the middle of the propellers. The plane begins sputtering, smoke flying out of the engine and back into the pilot's face, the machine gun fire cutting off suddenly as they begin to panic, and the plane soon goes down, crashing loudly into the jungle, a small fire flaring up where it landed….

Jack smiles. This will soon be over… He starts to move left and right trying to force the pursuing plane onto one of the tallest trees. "Eat them square head!", this is not so risky as his las maneuver but will suffice…

Jack's flying is aces, tops. And as he begins to weave left and right in and out of the thick triple-canopy growth, the German plane skirts closer and closer to the tree tops until the inevitable happens. Wings are clipped clean off, sending the plane into a wild spin from which it's unlikely they're going to be able to recover.

And so the heroes, with nothing worse than some sweat and an adrenaline dump are able to make their way back to the city. The cargo crate of South American tribal dress is strapped safely in the plane, and the orange red light of a sunset at their back silhouettes the form of the dual planes, zooming off into the sky as they bank back towards the city with a great new story for the pilot's bar.

Meanwhile, back at the small German encampment, one of the German mercenaries lowers their binoculars, reporting with a nervous wince, "They've gotten away with the crate Kapitan Herchnan." Behind him, an eye-patch wearing Aryan stands tall and proud, broad and powerful looking and obviously in charge. He is silent for a long few moments, watching the distant horizon where the planes are disappearing before finally saying only…

"A minor setback."

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