Dock Strike

Cast: Dirk Steel, Johnbreque Pith, Josephene, Sebastian, Leo Messina, Jack
Premise: Pirates return to finish the job when a Zep is crippled and taking repairs at the airstrip.

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The Armenadad Airstrip, is not a pretty place. It's one of those hacked out of the earth, then put a flag and call it something it's not sort of places. But. It is an airstrip all the same. The HMRAS Whitehall took heavy damage from a pirate attack three days ago, but fought them off. Limping in to Maracaibo until a repair unit can arrive from Jamacia, it's moored not far off the ground. It's nose cone is sliced away, a jumble of broken spars and struts, the tail end of a pirate's 'Fury' aircraft still sticking out of it.

The crew is mostly off board now, in the city on leave, the captain confident in that oh-so-british way that no one would DARE try and take a ship while it was on the ground. Who knows, he may even be right.

The moon rides low over the Andes to the west, casting strong, but still insufficient light. The various airships moored here clutter the sky, while the smells of fuel oil and sweat are still strong.

The Granite, a civilian carrier, is moored nearby. Most of the civilians havd left for town some time ago, but one man stands by. His face is a bit red from arguing and frustration, and he gestures to a nearby crate, which several customs inspectors stand near nervously.
"It's fine, I'm telling you! Look, I know it might a sound, but it's harmless, I'm telling you! Call Dr. Biener at the Museum of History in town…he knows I'm coming. He sent me out to find this…" Sebastian glances at the crate and then back at the head inspector again. "…artifact. It draws power on negative emotion, and your nervousness is only enticing it. So…kindly let me pass."
The head inspector clears his throat. "We'll have to check your papers, Dr. LaCroix."
"You already did! Twice!"
At the man's raised voice, another disturbing sound emits from the crate. The Archaeologist glances at it and sighs. "See?"

Jo is negotiating payment, with her overly large wrench in hand. She has one grease-stained hand on her hip and the other is gesticulating with the fearsome hunk of metal. At last the somewhat dubious looking captain hands over the money that she quickly counts before nodding once "Try to cheat me again and I will reach down your throat and pull your asshole out through your mouth, comprendhe?" she says with a snort, turning to head off as she stuffs the money into one of her many pouches

Leo stiffles a yawn as he sits on a crate, shotgun on hand as he serves as the ship's lone guard for the night. Placing a cigarette in his mouth, he strikes a match and lights the cheap tobacco, hearing the filler audibly crackle as he takes a deep drag. He checks his watch and goes back to smoking his cigarette. He casually glances over at the other people running about before tilting his head back and exhaling against the moon.

"An artifact you say?" Says a thick British accent from the cargo area, his mustache twitching with curiosity with his intent Mr. Pith roundly turns and stomps over to the LaCroix. He looks at the inspector, "My name is Pith, I'm famous and rich." He spouts, as if that is a magic word of command. He looks back at LaCroix, forgetting the head inspector already, "An artifact you say?"

[OOC] Dirk says, "Okay. Those of you not talking to each other (Jo, Leo) give me alertness checks. Lamont tells me a TN 3 is 'difficult' but not impossible."

Aventinus rolls 0 + - - + alertness (Good +3) [Total: 2]
Jo rolls + 0 0 0 + alertness (Fair +2) [Total: 3]
Pulp Fiction rolls + + - 0 + alertness (Good +3) [Total: 4 Vs 3]]

The man glances at Pith and blinks. He looks surprised at the sudden interest from a 'famous and rich' man. The Inspector shifts his weight from one foot to the other, uncertain. "Um, yes. An artifact. It dates back to the founding of Tenochtitlan. A piece of hammered gold in the form of a broken heart. It's…um…well…" He sounds awkward all of a sudden, glancing between Pith and the Inspector. "…but it's worthless if I can't get it to the Museum."

The civilians who don't stand around talking, disperse quickly in to waiting cabs or other on-call transport services, taking them in to town. A low cloud scuds across the moon, casing darkness across the hard packed dirt field. Something catches in the corner of Jo's eye, drawing her attention. The sound of bootsteps where ought not be bootsteps and the sibilant hiss of someone whispering at someone else. It's an odd thing about whispering; you can actually be heard farther away when you whisper, than when you just talk in a low voice. Stupid people.

The bootsteps and whispering come from near the Whitehall… Also, the smell of whiskey and gunoil.

"Allo 'allo" Jo says to herself as she hears footsteps and whispering. She unhooks her wrench from her belt once more and heads on after it, moving as quietly as she can.

Leo continues to smoke his cigarette, nearly dozing off before gripping his shotgun instinctively in case he dozed long enough for someone to take it. His attention turns to Pith and the Archeologist deal with the Inspector.

"Oh, the Tenochtitlan. Yes, quite an interesting tribe. Not quite civilized, not even a spot of tea on hand." Laughs Pith gruffly, slipping his thumb into his belt as he rocks back on his steel toed boots. "I'm a collector, you see, rare and priceless things. I've quite a big collection already, back in my home. You should come around and see it once in a while."

The Archaeologist arches an eyebrow, intrigued. The Inspector is forgotten in the conversation, and the man storms off in a huff to give this so-called Head of the Museum a ring. Sebastian grins a bit at Pith and offers a calloused hand, both on the palm and knuckles. "Oh! Well, it's always a pleasure to meet another man interested in history. The name's Sebastian LaCroix. Well, Doctor LaCroix. Whatever. Dad says I should always attach that to the beginning of my name…as if having a doctorate in archaeology means something." He winks.

[OOC] Dirk says, "Leo, Jo another alertness test, same TN"
Aventinus rolls (- 0 + 0) + alertness (Good +3) [Total: 3 Vs 3]
Jo rolls (+ - 0 0) + alertness (Fair +2) [Total: 2]

A sound. A sound that snaps even the most unalert man to full alertness. Leo hears it and his hair stands on end. His senses sharpen. Your's would too, if you just heard someone cock the slide back on a semi-automatic pistol. Probably… a 1917 officers sidearm. Yeah, one of the first fully contained semi-automatics in full production. Thats a sound to remember. It comes from the area that Jo seems to be walking in to, her wrench down and at the ready.

Jo, for her part, doesn't see much more than she has seen previous, but there is a shape in the darkness, skulking twords the aft cargo hatch of the Whitehall.

Never bring a wrench to a gun fight but so far Jo seems oblivious to the noise of the hammer being drawn back. She is moving quietly through the shadows towards the noise however, peering around the corner to get a better look at just what is going on.

Leo does not stir, a slight dip in the cigarette the only change in the man's position. But in his hands, he has already gotten his shotgun in hand and ready to shoot as he whistles a few notes idly. He tries not to show that the element of surprise has been broken by whatever lurks in the dark.

"You're right, it doesn't mean anything." The explorer says with a crisp salute and hand shake, "Johnbreque Pith, good man, of the Pith Family. Is that the only relic you're transporting?" He inquires, adjusting his pith helmet and looking back at his own cargo containers.

"Tenez-le la! Ne pas se rapprocher!" Comes the hissed command for Jo as one of the men steps where he can be seen, a pistol drawn on the girl. "Do not come closer!" His accent is outrageously french, the sort of thing you only hear in the radio shows, you know, where they have to show their frenchness in every syllable possible. "GO back zee way you came!" With the other hand, he waves four men forward, and they skurry for the back hatch. "Take zee ship!"

From his position, Leo can see this now, his eyes spotting the group not far away as the crow flies, but two ships over.

Good lord Pith's ears perk up at that. French people! Queens Teeth, how they are annoying And their accent! Gah! And yet, there it is! telling someone not to come any closer, and then, for men to take the ship? What tomfoolery is this?

Jo rolls her eyes heavenwards as she looks at the gun and then to the frenchmen "Might want some bloody salt…" she says as her eyes narrow a bit "..because I am going to make you eat that fucking gun unless you put it down and bugger off" she adds whilst shifting grip on her wrench.

[OOC] Dirk will take alertness from both Pith and Seb.
[OOC] Dirk says, "TN 3"
[OOC] Dirk says, "Jack, if you want to jump in, same roll."
[OOC] Pulp Fiction says, "Invoking my "An Eye For Adventure" aspect to gain +2 to the roll."
Pulp Fiction rolls (+ 0 0 -) + alertness (Good +3) [Total: 3 Vs 3] (+2 from Aspect Invocation)

With a loud WHAAAAM a sturdy old cargo ship crosses through the sky over your heads. Jack Tailspin is piloting it, coming back home late after an easy delivery job. He barrel turns to the left to have a look at the airstrip through the windows, making sure it's clear, then passes over it, turns, and puts the plane in line with the airstrip. He starts to pull down the plane while humming a little tune. It's no problem for him to land in the darkness, since he could do it with his eyes closed.

Jo rolls her eyes heavenwards as she looks at the gun and then to the frenchmen "Might want some bloody salt…" she says as her eyes narrow a bit "..because I am going to make you eat that fucking gun unless you put it down and bugger off" she adds whilst shifting grip on her wrench.

Leo notices the suspicious group of men, squinting a second before he sees then running towards the ship. He shouts a string of expletives as Jack nearly runs him over with the plane, separating him from the flying ship he's been charged with guarding. He tries to run around the plane and decides to take a shot now and worry about the consequences later. After all, he's guarding a British military ship.

Jack pushes the plane down and lands easily, but a little faster that what another pilot would do, making his plane hit hard on the ground. He never bothers to be careful. He moves to the end of the airstrip and taxies really fast to the empty spot next to the Whitehall. He's looking forward to go back home and take some sleep…

[OOC] Dirk says, "Okay. I'm gonna say 'guns' at TN… 4 to hit them with a shotty on the run at 150 feet out?"
Aventinus rolls (- + + 0) + guns (Fair +2) [Total: 3 Vs 4]
[OOC] Dirk says, "Concentrically speaking, Jo and the frenchies are in zone one. Leo and Jack are in zone two. Pith and Seb are in Zone three. Pith and Seb are 2 zones form the action, leo and jack are one away.
Dirk rolls (- 0 - +) + 3 [Total: 2]

Jack kicks the door open and jumps down to the ground. He looks around wondering what's all the movement about, but then he hears the gunshots and qickly ducks down to the ground surprised "What's going on here??", he reaches for his holster.

[OOC] Pulp Fiction says, "Knowing Leo to be a good man, I'm going to take a shot at who he's shooting at. If I have to, I'll invoke No Hesitation, No Fear aspect."
[OOC] Dirk nods. Okay. I'm gonna give you the same TN as Leo.
Pulp Fiction rolls (+ - + -) + Guns (Great +4) [Total: 4 Vs 4]
[OOC] Dirk says, "Pith: TN 4, cause your far away, shooting … nice. Very nice. Gimmie a pose for the Empire."
Dirk rolls (+ 0 0 +) + 3 [Total: 5]
Aventinus rolls (0 + 0 +) + athletics (Fair +2) [Total: 4]

Spinning away from the archeologist and turning towards the gun fire Pith notices Leo firing a round, "Halt!" he shouts as he draws his revolver and pops a clean round off in the distance, the same target as Leo. He slowly walks forward to stand next to Leo, "Tell me good man, who are we firing at?"

This is what you call a hail of gunfire. The shotgun blast catches Pierre (Because all french people are named jean-something or Pierre, you know) in the shoulder, spinning him around (Which is lucky because that allows him to avoid being capped in the brain-pan by the brit). He spins once, then hits the ground. He growls then, not really noticing that Pith shot at him. The shotgun has his attention.

"For Liberty and zee Republic!" He calls out, exhorting his men to seize the ship. They clamber aboard as their leader pops off a blind salvo in Leo's direction.

Jo rolls (+ - 0 0) + weapons (Good +3) [Total: 3]
Dirk rolls (0 0 0 +) + 3 [Total: 4]
Jo has set their Fate Points to 5 (-1) for "Aspect Invocation".
[OOC] Dirk says, "OKay. Pose braining him good an hard."

"Shut the fuck up" Jo says iritably as she hoists her giant wrench up and then smacks it down hard across the top of the frenchman's head. You can almost see the little budgies circling around his head as his eyes roll back in his head and he slumps to the ground "I hate bloody frogs" she mutters as she makes her way towards the rest of the frenchmen, moving from cover to cover.

Aventinus rolls (+ 0 - 0) + might (Good +3) [Total: 3]
Dirk rolls (0 - + 0) + 3 [Total: 3]
[OOC] Dirk says, "Tie. Who wins?"
[OOC] Pulp Fiction says, "Attacker."
[OOC] Dirk nods. Okay. Leo, pose your attack tackle knocking him out entirely. He's down.

"No time. Explain later…" Leo explains to Pith as Leo dashes towards the Frenchmen, the shot from Pierre triggering an instinctive reflex to try and dodge but he fails to clear the bullet, grazing him on the shoulder. But instead of pausing, it only seems to make him pissed off as he leaps across a crate to tackle one of the Frenchmen in question, crashing into him and knocking him out.

Jack turns around and notices the fight. Still ducking he runs to crouch behind the wheel of his plane, with the gun on his hand. He frowns and stares trying to find out whats going on in the dark "Jo?", he then jumps up and starts running to towards the frenchmen, shooting at them "WHaaaa!!!"

Coming together now, Jo, Leo and Jack find themselves at the back hatch to the WhiteHall. Inside, there are gunshots ringing out, and a lot of the sounds one may expect from a fist fight. It's hard to tell who's winning.

Jack crouches down again to avoid any lost bullet. He is still confused. He looks at his friends "What's going on here?"

"Looks like an bloody attempted hijacking" Jo says as she absently wipes her wrench clean on her leather clothing "..what say we go smack around some frogs?" she says looking back at the others with a fierce grin.

Leo gets up and looks at his shoulder. "Well that's another hole in my jacket…" he mutters as he wipes the blood running down the sleeve to his hand on his pants. "C'mon. The action's already started…" he says as he goes over to the hatch and kicks it in to enter.

The interior of a Zeppelin is not what you could call roomy, at least not on a normal day. MOst of the space is taken up by, well, bags of gas. Important gas! Because without it, you have a heavy, inelegant, brick. The Whitehall's gasbags are damaged, which is why she's on the ground in the first place. Slow leaks spill helium throughout the ship, a sort of background hiss. You won't get light headed, but your voices will raise an octave.

Ahead, a british airman lies slumped against the bulkhead, limbs akimbo, a bleeding cut on his scalp…

"I will make sure they can't get this fucker off the ground" Jo says then pauses, being in an airship after all "..well more off the ground" she calls out over her shoulder as her heavy boots stomp along the gangway, seeming to know just where to go as she vanishes off.

Leo nods to Jo as he turns to Jack, "All right. Let's go get 'em…" he says with a smirk. His shotgun in hand, he trudges forward to where the Frenchmen would be. Injured? Dead? He cannot be bothered with the British airman right now, lest his reputation be caught in line for failing to guard this thing.

Jack nods back at Leo and grins, and runs following Leo's lead, gun in hand.

Running in tight hallways, catwalks and other such cramped spaces involves a lot of crouching. The two gun toting, two fisted men of action come to a 4 way junction of catwalks that lead up among the gasbags. The command section is to the forward, slung under the main section in a gondola; thats probably where the mooks headed.

Here, there's another British airman dangling over the side of the catwalk. "Help! Help me! I can't hold on!" He says, his feet kicking.

(Might, TN 3 to pull up him up)
Aventinus rolls (- 0 - 0) + Might (Good +3) [Total: 1]
Jack rolls (+ 0 0 +) + might (Fair +2) [Total: 4 Vs 3]

Jack runs to the British and quickly grabs him by his arm "Yo mate! Hold it!!!", luckily Jack is a big and strong man. Jack musters his strength and tries to pull the man up to the catwalk.

Leo grabs the man and tries to lift him up but the bloodied hand from his bleeding shoulder makes his grip darn slippery.

The Brit grabs on to Jack and Leo both, scared out of his lifes wit! He clambers back over the railing then, after the Herculean effort. Have you ever tried to lift a man who's naught but dead weight? It's no picnic. He collapses to the catwalk, breathing hard. "They went forward! Pirates! They want the ship! You have to get to the captain!"

Jack taps the man's back "No prob, mate! Get some rest!" he strightens up and waves his gun to Leo before he starts running through the catwalk again "Let's do it!"

Leo wipes his hand off again and nods as he idly twirls his shotgun and moves with Jack across the catwalk to the main area.

Moving forward again, you find one of the mooks passed out, draped over a railing, with three more british boys around him. The engines, idling before, cut out suddenly as Jo's efforts bear fruit. Unfortunately, it also plunges the ship in to darkness as the electricity dies… It's restored to partial power a few moments later, as the batteries kick on, but it's emergency lights only, making the interior of the zeppelin seem somehow more foreboding.

Jack looks up a bit surprised by the sudden change, then he smiles and says to himself "Good job, Jo!", and keeps running to where the pirates must be. He stops and crouches in the dark just before entering the main area to take a look and evaluate the situation before storming in.

Leo mutters, "Shit…" as the power turns off before the batteries kick in again. He pauses a beat, taking out a cigarette and lighting it. "All right, let's go…"

To the BRIDGE!

Sliding down the ladder from the superstructure, down in to the gondola, Captain Bainbridge has his saber drawn and is holding three mooks at bay. "You won't take my ship, not while I draw breath as a British Officer! Come at me!"

Aventinus rolls (- 0 - 0) + guns (Fair +2) [Total: 0]
Dirk rolls (- - - 0) + 1 [Total: -2]

The Gun goes off, the report echoing in the small command cabin. The mook turned to escape, looking at the gun as it came down. However, lookign at the gun, he failed to see his comrade in arms. Bouncing off him, he bounces BACK in to the path of the blast just as Leo lets it fly. His body rockets backwards, shattering the window and then falling outside the gondola, the 30 feet to the ground. He probably won't be getting back up.

Dirk rolls (+ - - +) + 3 [Total: 3]
Dirk rolls (- + + 0) + 1 [Total: 2]

The distraction is just what Captain Bainbridge needed, and when the mooks are distracted by their buddy being shot out the window… the Captain strikes. "FOR REGINA!" He bellows, charging at the two who remain. He slices, then repostes, coming back for a good stab through the liver for good measure, and Mook #2 falls down, clutching himself in ways that indicate he's not going to be available for sports in the morning.

Jack says "Oh, what the fuck…", he holsters his weapon and calmly walks towards the remaining man closing his hands in two fists, then he tries to send his chin flying against the wall.

Jack rolls (- - 0 0) + fists (Great +4) [Total: 2]
Dirk rolls (0 - - +) + 1 [Total: 0]

That's a good solid chonce to the jaw, more than enough to take the mook to his knees. The last man collapses in a pile at Jack's feet, a groan escaping his lips as he does so.

Jack claps his hands in a "job well done" kind of gesture. "Are you OK, cap?", he says to the captain.

"Sorta. This is more satisfyin,' yeah?" Leo asks, keeping the shotgun on the last Frenchie standing, but standing down as Jack takes care of the last one. He walks over to Bainbridge, "So I told you I'd keep a watch on your ship. Oh, and I'll pay for the window there…" he says with an apologetic look as he glances over to where the window once was.

"…Sir…" Leo adds, rubbing his beard idly before sheathing his shotgun and taking a drag of his cigarette.

Captain Bainbridge takes the time to wipe his blade clean, dignified to the very core. He looks to Leo then, sheathing his blade with a familiar ring of steel… "Mister Messina, If you had been as good as you claimed, they would not have gotten aboard." A pause. "However, I am satisfied with your services rendered. You may speak to the ships purse when he returns in the morning about your pay.. and any deductions for… excessive force." He glances to the window then, then down.

Jack shakes his head "This is not so nice, man… we saved your butts here…", he turns away and starts to climb up the ladder "See you…"

Bainbridge turns an eye to Jack as he turns away… "Your man seems…" He clasps his hands behind his back. "Dissatisfied with your pay."

Jack walks away across the catwalk, he just wants to get his deserved all night rest.

Aventinus rolls (+ 0 - +) + intimidation (Good +3) [Total: 4]
[OOC] Dirk gives him a four. British officers are the definition of 'cool'
Dirk rolls (- 0 0 +) + 4 [Total: 4]

Leo's temper boils as he exhales his cigarette, "If I may, YOU let your men's guard down, Sir. I told you to put at least two other men on guard and I save your ass from these bastards… and you have the gall to tell me I wasn't doing my job?" He glares at the captain, grabbing the captain by the collar, "…Sir!" he adds, grudgingly giving the British captain, and most likely some floofy aristocrat his due despite the fact he is one step away from beating the man to a pulp.

The Captain raises a singular eyebrow, seeming to be caught by the mans words. Not cowed, but considering. "It… was unthinkable that anyone would be so… low as to attack a wounded vessel on the ground. Go after your man, my purser will pay you in the morning, Mr. Messia."

Leo lets go of the captain, dropping the cigarette and snuffing it on the ground as he takes a deep breath and says, "If you *feel* I have not done my job, then I do not deserve any payment from you. But I do not intend to be blamed for your negligence as well, Sir. Good night, Captain." And with that, Leo ambles out of the ship to catch up with Jack, maybe get a drink or ten.

The captain is silent as the men of action storm out of the ship, leaving chaos in their wake.

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