Factory Fire Fight

Cast: Johnbreque Pith, Josephene, Leo Messina, Selerik Delent, and Lamont Crane
Premise: A man catches fire in the el Torreno Factory.

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"Look if you try to cheat me again on the price of fucking steel I will bend you over and insert a bloody girder sideways" the aristocratic tones of Jo's voice at odds with the profanity "..really, and your mother" she adds, the raised voice echoing around. A few moments silence and she emerges with a bill of sale in her hand and a smile on her face.

Lamont arrives at the foundry quietly, adjusting his suit and smoothing it out quietly, seeming unphased by the blech of constant smog into the air. He looks aroudn for a long moment before moving forwards towards the entrance. A gold pocketwatch makes it's way into his hand as he checks the time with a satisfied little nod, the day's business moving on more or less on schedule.

Waiting at the end of the stairwell to the sales office, pith hat in hand, stands Mr. Pith. "Good evening, Miss Josephene. Miss Josephene could I have a word with you perhaps? You look a tad busy but I am important." His whiskers twitch and he holds up a single hand and a single finger, trying to flag down Jo.

Leo is working as a day laborer at the oil foundry, hauling large barrels smeared with thick fuel oil onto a loading truck to be transported over to the docks. After the last barrel is loaded up, Leo takes off the heavy apron and workman's gloves, wiping his face off with a towel before digging into his trousers for his flask, taking a liberal drink out of it.

Selerik is walking and talking with one of the foremen inside of the facility, his flask in hand and occasionally being passed to the man. "Look, I know what you are telling me, and I understand there are some safety concerns, but he is paying in American Dollars." He gives a shrug, looking up at the sky a moment. "Just think of what you could do with that cash, mate. So what if its dangerous, you can send someone with to minimize risk, yeah?"

"That's Jo" she replies automaticaly without even looking up. A hand reaches down to the large wrench that hangs from her belt along with a multitude of pouches. She looks up at him, pulling a silver cigarette case out of a pocket and perching one between her lips "What do you bloody well want?"

"Madam, Sir." Lamont seems to have slowed down, coming almost to a stop near Jo and Pith. Mostly because they are very close to being in his way for moving into the sales office, having stopped so near to the bottom of that stairwell. He doesn't seem to mind the brief interruption to his day. There is no smile on his face to greet them, certianly not giving the impression of a sunny man. His voice is rough and low, dark almost, thoguh his tone is polite enough, "I hope the day is finding you well."

Flame Broiled Man (NPC) - Just then, there seems a flash! A smelting pot is tumbled over to it's side and one of the workers is covered in flames and hot liquid! He screams loudly and crumples into the fetal position, trying to roll the fire out. An alarm goes off from the ceiling, signaling an accident has occured.

Leo takes another swig from his flask as he checks the time on his watch and decides to slack off from work, leaning against the wall to enjoy the rest of his drink before he notices the man burning. He hastily stuffs the flask in a pocket as he runs over to the burning man, grabbing his apron and seeing if there's anything else that can put out the flames as he goes over there.

Selerik's foreman companion rushes off at the site of the sudden accident, shouting angrily at the nearby workers, rather than doing anything to help the burning man themselves. Selerik is left standing there stunned, watching the man attempt to put themselves out. "Jesus H. Christ.."

Jo looks up and away from Pith at the sound of the alarm "Oh bloody hell" she says as she runs over as faster as she can, rumaging in her many pouches for something. She pulls out a small cylindrical device with a nozzel and points it at the burning man, as she presses it there is an odd bubbling noise and then a stream of foam shoots out and over him.

Lamont blinks as the smelting pot turns over. He leaps back from the flames and hot liquid as a first instinct. He watches for a second frozen in a bit of shock before heading over. Jo seems to have the situation well in hand, having rummaged up some kind of very small portable fire extinguisher. In the meantime, Lamont simply stands there for a moment, the playboy looking stunned by the situation. "What tipped it over?!"

Foamy Flame Broied Worker (NPC) - The foam substance breaks out from the cylinder and spreads over his body, eating away at the liquified steel that is in turn eating away at his flesh. The fires on his body are slowly going out as he's covered in science foam, but the fires in the Factory are slowly building. Sabre Security's fire department hasn't arrived yet, despite being so close! Workers are all buzzing aroudn the area, trying to find buckets of water.

Taken aback by the spray of foam that's spreading on the body of the burning worker, Leo turns his attention to the fire that's spreading as he looks at the fire that's spreading. He himself looks for a water source as he shouts, "Don't let the fire reach the fuel cannisters or this whole place is going to blow!" He throws a bucket of water that he manages to find but it has a negligible effect on the spreading fire.

Selerik is snapped to action by the mention of the fuel cannisters. He spins around giving the area a quick scan. What could possibly - there. "Sand! Use the sand to stop it from reaching the fuel, quickly!!!" He snatches one of the wheeled tin buckets from a panicked worker's grasp, pushing it madly over towards the sandbags.

Jo keeps on coating the burning man in foam until it looks like the fire is out, although much damage has been done already. At Selkirk's cry she pauses and lets out a steam of profanity that just about strips paint off the walls. Looking down at the tiny canister she snorts and tucks it away, eyes scanning around for a shovel.

And now Lamont is moving. Ironically, while the others are moving to put sandbags out and keep the burning oil from spreading around the floor, he is rushing /towards/ the fuel canisters, trying to pull one or possibly two of them out, struggling and working with their weight as he pushes his legs into it, hauling them closer towards the fire slowly bit by bit, yelling, "If you'd ever been to Saudi Arabia, you'd know that they often use explosions to put out oil fires and fires at the derricks! Deprives the flames of oxygen when the small boom drives the air out!"

The sand sprays on the ground, smothering the fire as it tries to spread throughout the warehouse. Men of all kinds are working together to push the buckets of water towards the fire, picking up bags of heavy sand and helping Selerik put the fire out. One worker moves to help Lamont carry the fuel canister, "What do we need to do?!" He shouts to Lamont.

Leo is caught in the confusion of throwing water and sand on the fire before he looks up and notices the big silo of water. He makes a sprint towards it, clenching his teeth as he plants his feet down onto the ground to lift up the water silo, face turning bright red from exertion as he starts to carry it over to where the fire is, "Outta my way!" He shouts as he lumbers over.

Jo makes a swift dash for the shovels and picks one up. Spinning around to join in the gang she spies Leo ripping up the water tanker and blinks "Fuck me crossways" she breathes, then her mind shifts gear and she looks around the growing inferno "OI" she calls out to him then points the shovel at a particular area of the fire "Drop it there, and stand back, steam explosion will be fucking amazing" she calls out then starts to move back herself "that goes for all of you" she yells loudly "..get back"

The silo comes crashing down and the water pours in all directions over the fire. Instantly things go loud and foggy as the steam errupts from the oil fire. Everyone coughs, a few shield their eyes. There isn't much fire left after that, but it's enough to be dangerous!

Selerik dumps a bucket full of sandbags directly in Lamont's path, right before the fire. He slides the bucket sideways out of the way, going to lend a hand with the canister. "Carry it to the top of the bags and toss it. Best cover I can give you for being that close, good luck." He breaks into a run for more conventional cover, further away.

"On 3." Lamont calls out loudly, "1." A swing of the fuel canister back, starting a pendulm motion with it, "2!" And then he swings it forwards, and backwards again, twice more before yelling "3! Everybody down!!!" So saying, he lets go of the fuel canister, launching it towards the small remanents of the fire. /If/ the rich playboy is right, the boom of the explosion should drive all the air out of the area the fire is in, putting it out. He dives down behind the cover that Selerik provided for him, covering his ears and hunching down with his head in his knees.

Leo pants as he wipes some of the water and sweat off his face, not stopping for a break as he grabs a shovel and throws a scoop of wet sand on the fire. His eyes dart to the fuel canister being thrown at the fire, jaw dropping as he turns sharply… He mutters obscenties in Italian as he sprints out of the way and hopefully behind the water silo or *something* when the explosion kicks in.

BOOM A large flash and a huge sound echo inside the factory, the air and fire both evaporate in the cloud of steam and people and sounds. Everything goes deathly quiet for a while and then a cheer goes up among the workers. From the rafters inside the office hollars of horay echo. Still, no Sabre Firedepartment.

Jo starts laughing at the explosion of steam everywhere, the beats of water gathering on her hastily pulled down goggles "Bloody amazing" she annouces to all and sundry then blinks as she fuel heads towards the fire. She hastily pulls her scarf over her face and turns her head a little, heavy leather clothing absorbing much of the flame that reaches her, adding some mroe scorches and burns to her clothing and flesh as she keeps on laughing at the bigger explosion.

Selerik rocks back and forth, rubbing at his ears. Distance didn't prepare him for the sound. He slowly straightens from cover, pinky finger wiggling in his left ear, but a wide grin on his face. "Disaster averted, fantastic." He looks around, wandering off to continue his discussion with the foreman.

Lamont stands up slowly, peeking his head over the sandbags, and then stands up. There's still an oil spill to be cleaned up of course, but that's not his job. He dusts himself off after the cheer goes up, pushing sand off his expensive suit and flicking it onto the ground, looking a but grumbly about it. He looks back up and begins to move over towards Jo, Selerik and Leo, remarking with a grunt, "That's what you might call fighting fire with fire."

Jo is standing out in the open around a partialy exploded and burnt out foundary. Her leathers are covered in scorch marks and suit and the skin around the edges of her goggles have shiny new burn marks, but she is still laughing "Now that was a bloody laugh and a half" she declares roundly "..lets do it again"

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