The Terrible Face of Evil - Ch 1 - Investigations

Cast: Madame Solace, Majors
Premise: The agents of Britain and France investigate a mystery from different angles.

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[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Okay. The first thing we're gonna do is a quick round of legwork. One for each of you. I can do this in pages if you are OOCly concerned with the other OOCly knowing what you know…"

[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Okay. This is the way I operate. We are awesome fucking heroes. Or, in my case, an awesome villain with an iron fist. I will allow you to investigate and run down leads to your hearts content; I will roleplay NPC's and adjudicate scenes, but as of this point, you're still gathering data."
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Understand me so far?"
[OOC] Majors nods.
[OOC] Solace says, "Yup."

[OOC] Majors says, "So where would you like me to start?"
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Well. See, this is the hard part for most folks. You start where YOU think you should. You tell me what you want to investigate, and what reasonable method of investigation you would like to use, and I will figure out if it bears fruit :)"
[OOC] Solace can start if you want, Majors. I have an idea where to start, so maybe watching can give you ideas.
[OOC] Majors hmmms. Well.. as lame as it sounds. Probably first thing Majors would do would be to get in contact with the local Field office of British Intel and find out what exactly happened. Might be a cop out.. but I have "Agent of the Empire" As an Aspect.

[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Thats a fantastic start!"

Majors talks to Percy Ives, British Intelligence Comptroller of Maracaibo.

The British Consulate. It's a nice palatial estate on the shores of lake Maracaibo. Reminiscent of so many buildings like itself around the world, this estate could be in Ceylon, in the Bahamas, in Madras or in Hong Kong. Presenting his credentials to the gate man, Majors will be allowed in to meet with his contact…

Majors gives a small nod to the gate man as he starts to move to meet his contact. The Englishman smokes a cigarette idly as he strolls along. From his pace one might assume that he is enjoying the stroll more than heading to an important meeting.

Percy Ives is a rather aged and unattractive man. His bristled hair of his beard and the stubble on his head snow white. Despite his age he does move like a man a few decades younger, though that doesn't say much about the man. He does take great pride in his marksmanship and the trophy's decorating his office speak to that. He speaks at length of deeds of the empire in years past and is wary of new generation that has sprung up. Despite this, he does have some talent at his job.

Standing near the mounted head of a bull elephant, Percy Ives puffs on his pipe. "Come in my boy, come in. What is on your mind today, Master Majors? Something of an urgent nature, yes?" He asks, 'muh muh'ing on his pipe, to get the flavor.

"I would say urgent yes." Majors nods his head as he moves into the room and gives it a glance over. "I imagine you heard about the Frenchmen and out Aerodreadnaught I would hope. I was hoping you would be able to shine a little light on that. Is it something I should worry myself over my good man?"

"Oh yes! Yes yes. Dreadful thing, that. The frogs are getting jumpy." He pauses a moment, then slaps Majors' shoulder. "HAH! You see what I did there, young man? Stellar wit!" He says, snapping his fingers after tapping the side of his head. "I've still got it!"

Majors blinks at the shoulder slap but quickly offers a smile. "As sharp as ever Mister Ives. But a child at your feet and whatnot." He nods. "Any clue if it was the French. Any of their possessions near the incident good sir?"

He chuckles then, moving over to the desk now, moving a few papers off the table map of the Caribbean. "Well, my man in Nassau tells me that the Mountbatten, it has film of French Fighters. If they came from anywhere, they would have come from…" He looks, his finger hovering over Haiti now… Les Anglais… here. A small airstrip run by the French Foreign Air Legion."

"Do give Nassau my regards by the way." Majors looks at the map and frowns for a moment. "Any chance that it was some pirate scum stirring up trouble from Tortuga Island? With the Huns causing ruckus you would think that froggies would know better than to poke the lion when the jackal is on your arse."

He thinks that over. "No pirates in the area are flying French planes. The man in Nassau says that they've authenticated that the planes -were- French design. Some older, but a few of their newer models, with modern French markings. We'll know more when we hear back from the Home Office."

The good man does not seem to be lying, no.

Majors gives a faint nod of his head. "I see… Any idea of who I might be able to talk to get a bit more light on this Mister Ives?" He asks.

"Well, short of going undercover as a French Mercenary and going to Tortuga or Haiti yourself, or directly approaching the Froggies? No idea."

"I was quite afraid of that being the case." Majors gives a small nod. "Doubt my acting is up to snuff. But I will have to make do and find some lead. Thank you for your time Mister Ives."

"Hah! Think nothing of it my boy! Nothing of it! I wish it wasn't so far out of my jurisdiction! Good hunting, my'lad! Go get those frogs! Make them croak!"

"Very well might. I shall save a few of the slower ones for you I assure you." Majors gives a small bow to the elder Englishman and then gets about his business.

Solace does… what?

[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Okay! Now on to Ms. Thang's investigatory efforts."
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Lets start with what angle you're persuing."
[OOC] Solace says, "It's not her forte, but the first thing she'll try is to telegraph her superior officer in the Deuxieme Bureau, to see if they have any info on the alleged attacks. If they don't, she'll try to approach any FFAL personel in Maracaibo."
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "That man is in Port Au Prince, Haiti."
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "So telegraphing him will take some time. Not a big issue. Gaston can even fly you there in short order."
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "If thats your desire."
[OOC] Solace says, "I guess I'll have to charter a flight to Haiti then. Or get Gaston to fly, yep."

While it's clear that Gaston is no expert pilot, the highly advanced avionics of Le Faucon make up for it. For a plane with no propellers, it's fast, stable and quiet.

The plane touches down in Port Au Prince without issue, and is met by a town car to take Madam Solace to where she desires.

The White Palace of Port Au Prince, it houses the intelligence directorate, mostly used to track air pirates and maintain a central clearing house for intelligence matters in the Caribbean….

He is such a doll, Mlle. Solace will assure Gaston LaCroix, for flying her to Haiti on such short notice. The trip to Port Au Prince, however, is taken alone. Making sure she will make an initial impression, Solace chose a flattering white dress that shows off her feminine curves, her hair done in the latest style and a wide-brimmed hat to match. Stepping out of the car, she scans the old colonial structure before stepping unhurriedly inside the building.

[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "So tell me about this man you're going to see."

[OOC] Solace says, "Jean-Paul Guicheteau, FFAL captain from Algeria. Fancies himself an educated man despite a commoner origin."
[OOC] Herr Kaptain nods. Military intel or diplomatic intel?
[OOC] Solace says, "Military Intel. Same bureau Solace works for."

Gaston is quite happy to fly her, indicating he will return to P-A-P in a few hours, but for now? He is on to Tortuga for a little personal shopping. New Fashions from Paris are in, and he has a few favors to pay down.

Captain J. Guichetau of the French Foreign Air Legion is in his office, reclining behind a large desk, his boots up on the desk when Madam Solace arrives. A cigar between his teeth. "My god, what vision of lovely does present itself before me? Madam Solace, what brings you so far from Maracaibo, and so rapidly?"

Adopting a winsome smile designed to charm any man, Madame Solace tilts her head and approaches the Legionaire's desk, every step she takes bringing a sway to her hips. "M'sieur Guicheteau, always a pleasure to be in your company." She greets, holding out a gloved hand for the Algerian. "I wish I could say this is a trip for pleasure, but alas, there is no rest for the wicked. I must regretfully bother you with business."

The boots come down and the cigar is stubbed out. "Cognac, Mademoiselle?" He asks, moving to a cabinet that opens in the center. Inside, holds a dart board and drinks in the doors. "And no no no, do not fear; I am an intelligent man; a lady such as yourself does not come on such short notice for my boyish charm or my galant strut."

"Cognac sounds delightful." Solace nods to the man's offer, and while he fixes the drinks, the Frenchwoman gracefully slides up to lean against his desk. "This is of some importance, unfortunately." Despite her demeanor, Solace's tone turns solemn. "Capitan Guicheteau, what can you tell me about the alleged attack on the Mountbatten? Who authorized the attack? And which squadron was responsible?"

"Ah, that." He says with a sigh. "British Lies, all of them. I can document that every squadron was on the ground, and the one the British claim made the attack was on leave! All foul lies, slander on the French Air Force!" Says he, returning with two drinks. "It's a mystery why they would try to start such an odd conflict."

Solace doesn't forget her manners despite the seriousness of the conversation, smiling as she accepts the glass, lifting it for a toast before sipping the cognac. "I suspected as much." She notes. "It is too blatant an attempt to engineer an incident between the Republic and the British." She pauses and gently lowers the glass to the desk. "Still, it is a dangerous situation. Can I trouble you to provide me with copies of your squadron flight records? We may need to provide proof of our innocence in this matter."

The man looks to Solace… "Absolutely. I will have copies drafted immediately and stamped for officiality. We are not at war and the records are not strategic… But do be a dear and keep them close to your beautiful, bountiful chest, Oui?"

A coy smile spreads over Madame Solace's red lips. "Don't I always? I promise, I will keep these papers on my person if they were the /only/ items on me." Sliding off the desk to stand on her heels, she moves to circle the desk to join Guicheteau. "Your help is greatly appreciated, Jean-Paul. Next time I visit, I promise a dinner date."

The burly man chuckles at that, bowing his head to the lady. "I shall hold you to such commitments, Madam Solace…"

A few minutes later, the documentation will be presented, one of the file copies, stamped with the Seal of the Grand Republic.

Solace accepts the papers, scans them quickly, and carefully rolls them up for easy transportation. "If you don't mind one more question; if this is an attempt to cause trouble between our nations, who in this area might have access to French aircraft to stage this attack? Any pirates in the region might be responsible?"

[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Give me… a rapor check?"

Solace: Great Rapport + (- 0 0 -) [Final: 2]

Solace has set their Fate Points to 5 (-1) for: Invoking Aspect for Bonus

He thinks that over. "Well." He says, glancing to the map of the Caribbean. "That I do not know…" A pause. "Perhaps… the Americans. They have a large amount of need and unscrupulous arms dealers are having a field day with the prices they will pay… We -DID- have a squadron of Morane-Saulnier 406 go missing while in transit a few months back. Their transport sank three months ago in a squall off the Azores."

Solace quirks a brow at this information, her lips pursing contemplatively. "Which Americans?" She muses as she taps a gloved finger against her chin. "Although, if a whole squadron was lost in transit, theoretically it could be /anyone/. Americans, pirates, the Colombians, the Germans, even the British themselves." Turning her gaze back to the captain, Solace continues. "Any chance I can have a copy of the manifest of that transport, Jean-Paul?"

JP Shakes his head. "You would need to get it couriered from the Marrakech office, I don't have it here. As to which Americans? -All- of them. The ISA and Hollywood are constantly seeking advanced designs, while the Empire State and Dixie are running close seconds. Everyone else will take anything with wings and a gun!"

Solace nods slowly to the captain. "I will make a request to Marrakech as soon as I get back." With that, her winsome smile returns in full blossom. Scooping up the cognac and downing the drink, Solace dons her most fetchingly grateful look. "The information you gave me is invaluable, Jean-Paul, but there is still much to be done. I should get back now - Gaston LaCroix was gentleman enough to fly me here, incidentally. Do you want me to pass a hello to him?"

He rolls his eyes. "No. I want you to punch him in the face! He still owes me 20 francs for last weeks dice!"

Solace lets out a lilting chuckle. "I will be sure to do so, though I can't promise it will hurt him much." Straightening up, she gives the Legionaire a half-playful military salute. "Keep in touch. I have a feeling I will need your help again before this is over."

"Glory to The Republic!" He says then, snapping to attention and offering a full military salute. "Now, go, I am sure you wish to do some shopping while you are here."

Solace flashes Captain Guicheteau a playful wink before turning on her heels. Even as she strides out of the office, every step she makes is sure to attract the men's attention. That's what she does best, after all.


Back to Majors

[OOC] Herr Kaptain nods. Okay.
[OOC] Majors can only think of reviewing the film and interviewing the key figures on the Aerodreadnaught. Would Investigation work with that? Doing that all in RP might take a while.
[OOC] Herr Kaptain is willing to off camera it if you like.
[OOC] Majors nods.

[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "okay. Gimmie an investigation check and a rapor check."

Majors: Great Investigation + (- + + +) [Final: 6]
Majors: Mediocre Rapport + (+ + 0 +) [Final: 3]

[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Nice rolls all around."
[OOC] Majors strikes the Bond pose.
[OOC] Solace says, "Bond!"

Able to view the film, it's clear that these are -in fact-, French aircraft. Not the most advanced in the French arsenal, they are consistent with what would be found flying in the Caribbean. The Personnel interviewed all have consistent stories, not wavering save on minor, subjective points. There is an unclarity as to wether or not the Mountbatten fired first, but all agree the French provoked any attack. Another point of unclarity were the amount of aircraft the Mountbatten shot down. The one currently lodged in the nose cone is a certainty, but the question is, was it 2 or 3 other planes that hit the drink?

[OOC] Majors says, "They actually have one? Nice. They have the body of the pilot as well?"
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Matter of fact; yes!"
[OOC] Majors would like to get a kick in.. <.<. Then check the man for dogtags or paper work… or pictures or anything that would point to who he was.
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Hrm…"

You find that he's dressed in a French Flight Suit, the aircrafts controls are in french, his maps and charts are in french, but he does carry a simple logbook in his leg pocket with 'ORG-TOTD' on the cover."

[OOC] Majors nods. Anything of interest in the logbook?
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "No. It's blank."
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Now, your a british intellignece man, yes?"
[OOC] Majors puffs up his chest.
[OOC] Majors says, "Why yes."
[OOC] Herr Kaptain says, "Gimmie.. uh… closest to an int stat we have is academics. Gimmie that for a roll."

Majors: Average Academics + (0 + 0 0) [Final: 2]

The Organisation Todt (OT) is a Third Reich civil and military engineering group in Germany eponymously named for its founder, Fritz Todt, an engineer and senior Nazi figure. The organization is responsible for a huge range of engineering projects in Germany itself and occupied territories. They also undertake much of the Sig-Int that the Nazi's engage in.

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