Iron Heart and Steel Claw

Cast: Dirk Steel, Francesca, Sebastian, H-9IX, Jean
Premise: A massive robot tries to steal Halo-X from the port of Maracaibo!

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Sebastian makes his way down the street towards the harbor, a hint of a stagger in his walk from numerous glasses of wine. He is hardly drunk, but Dr. LaCroix is certainly tipsy. He grins back at the woman with him and gestures towards the water. "I'm certain of it. Somewhere out there I'll find a sunken city. Not in this…you know…exact body of water. But out there, just beyond the shore is something. All of the writings I've found state there is something there. I just need to find a way to stay underwater without drowning…"

Jean sits on the docks of the harbor, still in her rugged set of clothing, the one she … gained on credit a few days ago. She looks at herself, dirt covering almost everything, and dust covering the rest, before sighing, and looking around the shallow end of the dock where she was. "Fluch…" She swears under her breath, looking at people. "How am I supposed to… /clean/ my outfits? In /this/ water?"

Francesca walks with Sebastian, and she too looks sloppily tipsy. She grins at his description of the sunken city and she waves a hand expansively at the massive lake. "Well, it will take some searching. That's an awfully big bay for a lake."

It's a -beautiful- south American day. The sun is warm, the air is made of 90 percent water. Yeah. It's a LITTLE humid. The sort of humid that virtually proves man is evolved from fish because he's still alive with this sort of humidity. In the distance, a pair of Fokker-Wulf Hellhounds bank across the mountains to the east, part of the Lua Air Defense team. Mercenaries paid to defend N&SeT Oil.

Sebastian chuckles a bit and nods. His shirt is beginning to stick to his body from the humidity, and it shows that he is in -much- better shape then a scholar has a right to be. He glances up at the planes and fishes a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. "Another day in paradise, I guess."

Jean sighs, as more people seem to be coming, before standing up, and walking down the docks. "Well, with how /bloody/ humid it is, maybe my clothes will self-wash themselves while I'm wearing them! /Progress/, perhaps." She grumps, English accented agaian, as she wipes her brow of accumulated sweat and water'd air. A bit of a wave to the couple, as they come down, her head turning to the sound of droning props far in the distance. "Well, at least the entertainment's not bad."

Shuffling across the wooden docks H-9IX keeps close to the cargo. He is wearing a rather large trench coat with a large neck that sticks straight up and covers most of his face. A soft glow comes from his shadowed face. On the top of his thick head is a big fishers hat that is half wet it seems. His hands, wearing thick gloves, twitch every few seconds and his steel toed boots thump across the planks. The pattern of his movement is erratic as if he can't decide which way to go.

Thoooom… The ground shakes a little bit. One of those 'someone dropped a box nearby' sorts of vibrations. Then another. Thoooooom. It rattles a bit more. Observant folk may notice the water vibrating next to the hulls of ships, a testament to the powerful reverberations.

Francesca is carrying her flight jacket, her crimson shirt clinging to her in the heat. She looks over towards Jean as she hears her comment, "well, that would be a spot of progress wouldn't it?" For those who don't know, her accent is quite thick, making her speech difficult to understand at times. When the explosive sound shocks the area she pulls up to a stop, putting her hand to her holstered pistol. "Are we under fire?"

Jean looks over to Francesca, narrowing her eyes. "Well. Sober, I see, and not with some sort of death machine one calls a conveyance. I suppose I should be grateful." She moves over to another part of the docks… before pausing, and listening to the 'thooooms', her own hand almost fumbling to the holstered Webley behind her. "I… don't know."

Sebastian blinks at the shudder, and finishes lighting his cigarette. He glances about, the dashing Archaeologist not reaching for a pistol or weapon of any kind. He takes a drag and plucks the cigarette from his lips, blinking about. "Hrm. What a curious sound…"

Slamming his gloved hand on his head before his wet hat flops off with the shaking, a lound and audible clunk coming from the movement, H-9IX twists his head around to get a full read out of the situation! He grab a hold of the cargo container he is closest to.

Only Fran and the robot will notice a trail of bubbles, large bubbles, come up from the lake just past the Oil freighter thats moored to the dock. The bubbles come up fairly quickly and have a sort of oily residue left in the water and smell of oil…

Francesca laughs and straightens up, pulling her hand away from her pistol. She points a finger out into the harbor, "There! Do you see it? Bubbles…those explosions are underwater. Something is traveling down there." She grabs Sebastian by the hand and starts towards the edge of the water, "A submarine you think?"

Sebastian blinks as his hand is grabbed, but the man hardly protests. He follows along, plucking the cigarette form his lips, a slightly intoxicated mis-step making him almost stumble. "Submarine? Oooh! Or it can be someone from that lost city I just told you about!"

Jean looks over to Fran, and then follows her finger toward the bubbles popping up. "A submarine? Here? But why? Who would want to send one? That's… just odd." She looks over to the drunk man, almost scowling. "WEll, It's certainly more feasible than some sort of underwater city in the middle of a lake.

"Oh no." Comes the sound from the H-9IX unit, less like a voice and more like crackling electricity bursting over a tin can being ripped open by shredder. He thumps his heavy body over to the side of the harbor where the bubbles are churning, "Censor program initiated." He says in a strangled cry.

The water heaves upward, a massive boil of the lake rising up before sheeting down and away from what displaced it!

"BEHOLD! MECHANO-TECHNIX!" Boom the loudspeakers of the massive robot, it's hands as gattling guns that start spinning. "THIS SHIP IS NOW THE PROPERTY OF THE TECHNIX GUILD!" The great machine stands to its waist in water, but still looms up and over the deck of the transport ship. "ITS CARGO OF HALO-X IS FORFEIT!"

Jean has set their Fate Points to 5 (-1) for "Invoke Aspect for Effect "Just like those Hollywood pictures!"".

You paged Jean with 'Okay. You know, in ROBOTMEN FROM THE MOOM that these things have horrible balence! If you can get it out of the water then trip it, you can probably take it down! Hey! They used -ships mooring ropes- to do it!'

Out comes Francesca's pistol and she points it at the big robot, "Holy Mother! Look at that! You don't see that everyday!" While leveling her pistol and aiming she contemplates, "Do you think it's piloted?"

Turning around on heel H-9IX waves his hands high in the air frantically and leans forward, "Run! Run run run!" He shouts in his grating voice. As his arms stretch out and his head peeks up some of his metal grey skin shows. He turns back on heel and frantically pulls off his gloves one by one.

Jean looks to the… what was that under those heavy clothing, and clomping feet? It was excessivly hot out, today, so who would be dressed… And the voice is something out of the Flash Gordon pressings she listened to. Her mouth opens up, about to question the weird creature…

When there's shaking. And then water parts, and Jeannette stares at the rising robot, annoucing it's place and intentions. She's silent. Silent for a long time. Remaining still. "It's… It's…" And then she's /animated/, leaping over to Fran, pulling down her gun hand. "HAH! HAAAAHA! You see! Oh, mien gott," A small change of words and accents, buried in the jumble of the rest of the speech. "Do you /see/! This…. /WOW!/ It's /just/ like it! JUST! We… We can beat it the same way! Quick! QUICK!" She says, fairly running over to mooring lines set on the dock, and /heaving/ one herself. "Damn it, come /on/!"

Sebastian gapes at the thing, the cigarette falling from his mouth. "That's not from a lost civilization. Nope." He blinks as Jean rushes over, and the next thing he knows he's following her. "Just like what? What are you talking about? Is it government? What? How do we beat it?" He rushes after her towards the moorings, turning back to wave Fran to follow. "Come on, beautiful! Let's drop this tin monstrosity! Woo!"

The big gun on the right hand spools up, electro-mechanical servos whirring to life noisily. Bullets spit out, stitching the dock with high caliber bullets, sending splintered wood in to the air. No one seems to be hit however, but the entire dock ERUPTS in to chaos as people run around screaming in ninety billion languages. The back smoke-stacks on the machine puff with black exhaust like from a large truck as it starts to step higher in the water, revealing the mechanical waist and knees… "THIS VESSEL BELONGS TO THE TECHNIX GUILD! ITS CARGO IS FORFEIT TO THE GUILD!" The other hand rotates, then slides back in to the body of the arm. Then, animated hoses sweep out..

Francesca is about to start snapping off shots with her little pistol. But then Jean goes wild and pulls her gun down. Instead of shrugging the woman off she turns to look at her, "What are you going on about?" She allows herself to be lead, "I'll help, but come on now, tell me what we are doing."

H-9IX has set their Fate Points to 5 (-1) for "Invoke Aspect For Effect "Built From Metal"".

Having pulled off his gloves the H-9IX raises his hands to the tin man and turns his head slightly, as if avoiding a bright pain or light. His arms suddenly burst into gears and wires, the sleeves of the trench coat rip apart. Two big curved SMG clips pop from the forearms and the tips of his fingers turn into rotomuzzles.

Jean continues to drag the mooring lines, trying to pull them off the docks, and a little onto shore, attempting to line it up. "THIS! COme on, don't you /see/! It's just like it! Robotmen From The Moon! Rememeber, remember when Captain John Daring deduces that the robotmen are terrorizing shipping, but won't move inland much, because they're unstable on land! And this is /just/ how he knocked them out, with mooring lines from a nearby naval base after luring it up to shore with a truck of Element X! How could you people /forget/ that!?" She yells, pointing. "We need to somehow lure him over here…" She stares at the smaller robot, and whistles. "HEY! Lead him over here! To the shore!"

Jean really, /really/ tries to pull those lines… but without help, she's getting a mite frustrated that this isn't according to how Captain /Daring/ did it…

The bullets from Francesca's little gun bounce off the armored skin with visible sparks and PTANG! sounds that you usually only see in comic books. It steps out of the water, a large hose trailing -back- in to the water, perhaps to some kind of under-sea boat? The massive robot's feet crush planks underneath, but it does not crash through the docks. It's hose-fist plunges in to the ship, rocking it in the harbor and smashing through the top deck. "THIS VESSEL BELONGS TO THE TECHNIX GUILD! ITS CARGO IS FORFEIT TO THE GUILD!" The sound of more electro motors can be heard as the vacuum pumps start up.

Francesca grimaces and shrugs to Jean, "Sorry. Itchy trigger finger." She puts the pistol away and snaps the holster cover into place. She tries helping with the big cable, but one tug and she gives up, "We are NOT moving that." She looks at the mechanaut in clothes and she calls out, "You there! Help this woman!" Then she takes off towards the big robot. Out comes the gun again and she starts snapping off shots, trying for anything that looks vulnerable.

H-9IX has set their Fate Points to 4 (-1) for "Activate Stunt: Herculean Strength".
[OOC] Dirk says, "H-91X may pose moving the mooring lines about freely."

Snapping his head to the side, fishing hat flying off with the speed of movement revealing his brain-glass-dome, the robot's subservient chip kicks in and his arms slowly bend back into human shape, flexible steel sheets folding back into place acting as muscles. It looks rather sickening, like looking at a fleshless steel human. He stomps his way over and bends down, grabbing the mooring with both of his thick arms and lifting upwards with relative ease. "Where is the destination of this object?" He says, in his buzzing voice coming from the grate hole in his face.

Jean just /stares/ at the robot, her own hands letting go of the heavy mooring lines she can't really pull. She'll stare for a few moments more, before her eyes seem to shine. "This is even… /better/ than the serials!" She exclaims, before pointing. "We need to tie this end off to something! And.. and when we do, we need to attract it over here, and, as it steps forward /pull/ it taunt!" She says, before reacing to draw her own Webley, the revolver acting in tandem with the Italian's to attempt to attract it over here.

Francesca has set their Fate Points to 5 (-1) for "Invoke Aspect For Effect Trouble Magnet".

The gunshots finally get the big robots attention as the head rotates, its eye-holes focusing on the Drop Dead Gorgeous Trouble Magnet. "THIS VESSEL BELONGS TO THE TECHNIX GUILD! ITS CARGO IS FORFEIT TO THE GUILD!"" it intones again, now stepping closer to them. "YOU ARE ATTACKING TECHNIX GUILD PROPERTY. YOU WILL BE APPREHENDED."" And probably, you know… molested. Later. Back at the lair.

Francesca pops a few more rounds at the thing, "That vessel belongs to the Baracca Shipping Company." She makes up a name, "You are in violation of the local law! Leave now or I will have to disassemble you!"

Lifting the large object over his head the enhanced steel being rotates his torso 180 degrees to face the other direction, head still looking back at Jean. "Location confirmed." He starts to trot then jog over to where she's ordered him to take the mooring line. His head swivels around to look at his brethren robot. "I am sorry." He mumbles, his brain dome bubbling and staticing.

Jean looks up to the approaching robot, and then over to the woman that was giving bravado-laced speeches. "Well… that works! Keep him coming! Anger the big tin monstrosity more!" She yells, then looking over to the robot, pursing her lips. "It's coming! We'll need to time this /precisly/, just like Captain Daring."

One foot, dripping seaweed, lifts up then crashes down as the machine moves for Francesca. WHUMP. WHUMP. Each foot step leaves a deep imprint in the dock, while the hose in the ship continues to pump… "THIS VESSEL BELONGS TO THE TECHNIX GUILD! ITS CARGO IS FORFEIT TO THE GUILD!" And then… its leg catches on the mooring rope. In another moment, it will either: Yank the rope out of the robots hands or fall over; it all depends on how anchored the rope is.

H-9IX has set their Fate Points to 3 (-1) for "Invoke Aspect for Bonus: Macchi M.C.72 Fast, Union Pacific 3985 Strong".

Francesca slips a fresh clip into her pistol, which is an astra knockoff of the broomhandle Mauser. She then pops away with it once more, sending bullets pinging off the things armored hull. "Come on you bucket of bolts! I've seen better gears in a chinese made pushprop!"

Calculating the right time with his massive mad sceince brain, of his father, the robot H-9IX slides his feet into a wide stance, braces his metalic spine, and holds firm as the robot comes close to tripping. His face and optical nerves go dark as he moves power from his useless nerves to his muscles. Four pipes slowly form on his back and release a cloud of steam from the use of energy.

Jean looks to the robot, then Francesca, before tapping the woman on the shoulder, as the rope is caught. "We… may want to move. Now." She says… before she just starts running longitudinally away from where that thing might fall… if that show from the robot of /strength/ was any indication.

"THIS VESSEL BELONGS TO THE TECHNIX GUILD! ITS CARGO IS FORFEIT TO THE GUILD!"" This things like a broken record, ain't it? The massive robot lumbers forward it ankle catching on the mooring line. At first it seems like it's going to drag H-9IX along with it..

But then the smaller robots feet set… and the line goes taunt. You can't stop on a dime when your 60 feet tall, when you're made of metal and when your center of gravity is so high above the trip line. The foot snags, then stops, the inertia of the monster continuing forward. It would not be a problem if there was a foot to take the weight. But there's not.

"THIS VESSEL BELON* OH holy shit!" The speakers cut out as the arms come up to try and stabilize… and then like a tree in the forest… creaks forward just a bit too far… and starts to crash to the docks. Right on top of Francesca!

Francesca starts to race from the robot, but she stops to look back, grinning wildly as she the behemoth tumbling towards her. That's when she sees Jean struggling. Fun's fun, but can't let the poor woman get crunched, so she takes off and grabs Jean's wrist, "Come on!" She puts on a burst of speed again, trying to drag/inspire the woman to a faster pace that gets her clear. Either way, they are both safe or they both are getting a chrome bumper installed.

Jean should probably done a little more running, and a little less prodding. Fran's obviously /quite/ able to get away on her own, and she was the one that was huffing in those sweat-soaked clothes, the tumbling monstrosity coming down like a large tree being felled…

OH! "W-well, I'm going as /fast/ as I can!" She exclaims, attempting to match pace as she's dragged. "I will take back my remarks on your driving skills if we are alive after this!"

Letting go of the mooring line, arms searing red hot and slowly unwinding the H-9IX spreads out his arms twitches them, activating the gear separation. Wires and metal plates move and slide until both arms are fully working sub-machine guns again. He slowly walks forward to the robot, his dead face looking spookier than usual, but then he tilts his head as if hearing a voice. He seems to realize he's exposed. He leans down and picks up his floppy fishers hat which happens to be right next to him, arms turned back to hands. He slips it over his exposed brain and straightens his tattered coat.

The massive robot crashes to the dock, the massive impact and weight crushing through the planks and sending it plunging in to the water below! There's a moment where it floats, and then sinking beneath the water under the docks, bubbles rising to the service.

Jean pants hard, from all that running, looking as the robot /slams/ down into the docks, watching it slowly sink, before loosening her shirt a bit. "Damn it, I am… /soaked/ with this damnably South American air!" She complains, looking around a bit. "This was the part in the serial where they flashed to the medal ceremony."

Francesca comes to a sliding stop on the wooden planking. She turns to watch the giant robot crash through the dock. She yells an exclamation in Italian then rushes to the edge of the dock while it disintegrates around her. She only steps back as the parts literally start to give way beneath her, "Damn! It's got away. We need to get a diving bell, or an aquanaut suit!"

The massive hose currently sucking Halo-X out of the ship suddenly snaps, withdrawing and snaking back in to the water like a serpent.

Jean looks over to Fran, frowning. "What? Why? We won! We saved the gas, destroyed the attacker, and all at the cost of a wooden dock!"

Trying to slip away in the confusion and chatter of the female humans H-9IX slowly edges towards moving to the other end of the dock. Along the way he grabs a tarp and snaps it from the place holder to cover himself in like a poncho!

Francesca giggles merrily, "That machine is down there! right below us." She looks around for the other robot, "Where'd that thing go? The other one."

Jean is busy arguing the point, before looking behind her… and around. "Vanished, into thin air… that sounds like a radio drama…."She hmms, before shaking her head. "In any case… I find myself hungry. If you'll excuse me… I need something to eat after that.

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