The Cursed Skull

Cast: Samanatha Lancaster, Sam Slick, and Leo Messina
Premise: Old Herny needs some sleuths to find out who robbed Mean Rob Boyle!

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Old Henry (NPC) - "I heard that, kiddo." Comes a voice from around a junk pile. Old Henry had sent a telegram to the lot of you asking for you to come to his junk yard tonight. Now, he only knew you few in passing, but Old Henry is a pretty big legend around here, specially as a mechanic. The scruffy bearded man wanders over, thick hands pulling on his chin hair, "I heard you guys were smart. More so you were good people to know. S'why I called you here, my friend Rob Boyle's been robbed. His family heirloom was stolen last night and I could really use some help getting it found again." He spits on the ground, "Whats you say?"

Samantha's high heels could be heard on the ragged pavemenet and road down the way, but then she hits the dirt and soil and she's careful to casually pick her way along all the way up to the junk pile. She's smoking, of course, the cigarette in her fingertips perpetually burning it seems as she wraps red lips around the unfiltered end, marked only by lipstick. She lofts a brow in Henry's direction, staring almost skeptically…"What's you pay, old man…that's the question?"

Slick steals a glance at the other fellas. He doesn't know them. Samanatha… maybe he's seen her around the bar, but when he's there he's too often blazing a path through a line of scotch grenades than he is checking out the wildlife. And the other guy, he'd remember a dude with a nose like that. Course, come to think of it, he doesn't know Henry too well either. This could all be a setup. But rent on the office is due, his secretary keeps clamoring for a paycheck, and you can only pay a dame in rugged good looks for so long before they rebel. So what the hell? It could be a hell lot worse. "I'll do it, you old coot," he mutters and goes back to hunting cans with his feet.

Smoke slowly rises up the air as Leo smokes a cheap cigar, standing up from his seat ontop of a rusted barrel. He offers a grin and a chuckle, replying, "Smart? Haven't been called that before…" He glances over at Samantha and Slick briefly before he says, "I've got nothin' else better to do, I guess…"

Slick shovels his hands into his coat pockets. "Guess we should dig around a bit. See which two-time johnny is walkin around with a fistful of fresh cash. Or which pawn shop has a ten o'clock derbie runnin' on some recently acquired heirlooms."

Old Henry (NPC) - "Good, that's good. You guys do this for me and I'll drop 500 Real on you, pretty penny." The old man says as he strokes his long white beard some more, "Mean Rob, why, he's down next to the Quarter Mile bar and grill. Big red house with…with steel roofing. Got a lot of his house from me, I'd say." The old man nods, "So yeah, go on by his house, talk to him, see if you cant figure out who stole the poor guys heirloom."

Samantha doesn't quite seem interested, until he mentions the 500. That makes the dame perk up real good, both blonde brows lofting…"Sure, handsome… think we could figure somethin' out… brains like mine and brawns like those boys and we'll get it under wraps." She winks at Henry and the looks back towards Leo and Slick, smiling coyly…"Say we gotta date, boys…"

Slick returns a look to Samantha, but this one is wolf-like, like he's trying to smell her out. She's a cute dame, and that's always nice to have in the picture, but she's flashy too, gaudy like. Those dames are trouble from Sam Slick's experience. They're the kind to stab you in the back when they realize 500 Real plus 500 Real equals 1000 Real. Or the kind to get you in trouble. Still, he could use some nice, new scenery, and that Sam seems to have in spades. "Lead the way, lady," he says.

"Seems easy enough…" Leo replies with a shrug. Sheepishly looking at Samantha and scratching his bearded cheek idly he says, "A date eh? I mean…" he doesn't seem to care to finish his sentence as he puffs at his cigar. "Shall we?" also deferring to the lady to take the lead.

Samantha looks from Leo, to Slick, and back to Leo. One looks like a real operator and the other is almost being shy and sheepish already. Sam laughs huskily, skipping over in Leo's direction strangely light on those ankle turning stilleto's. She wraps an arm through his, apparently whether he likes it or not, and then begins to happily lead the way down to the instructed location. Apparently, the wolf gets to walk alone. "I like this already. Two men who know how to follow a girl's lead. I could get used to this.." She laughs out as she quickly walks, flashing guns on her thighs with each step as she goes.

Slick doesn't mind walking alone. In fact, he likes it. A step behind lets him check out a femme's from behind, and if a stray bullet gets shot, it'll likely hit the people in front of him first. Sure. Standing alone behind the intertwined couple ain't too bad a place to be standing.

Slick watches the gal and the patsy (well, sure, that's what Slick has gotta think of anyone who lets a broad take his arm like that), walk towards the house. Slick tho knows where the bread is buttered in this town, and no one steals an heirloom to let it gather dust. So he hits up a few places, ruffles some feathers, shakes a fist a few times and finally settles on Mr. Willis Barny.

Samantha kisses Leo's cheek before they go in, in that friendly, confident manner of someone not really wanting to totally shrug him off, but she's got other work to do. Once inside, she doesn't seem to be cracking a wall at all, even though she's doing her best to be almost professional about the matter. Perhaps that's where she's failing. Eventually, her attitude changes. She leans over, letting the man see almost straight down her dress' top… and she pops a piece of gum to delicately chew…"Now, Mistah… If you could jus'…go over it one more time…" She sighs, breasts heaving…"I jus' wanna make sure I caught it all…Fer the record…" Red lips pursing.

Slick grabs Willis by the lapel of his shirt, holding it between his thumb and forefinger. "Now listen, Willis. You got a nice wife, a nice kid. You know I ain't gonna just drop this shit cause you pleaded an amendment. Tell me what I want to know or you'll be needing to pawn off your pawn shop to pay for your medical bills." He smiles, but it ain't one of those nice smiles. It's one of those smiles you probably don't wanna see on a scruffy lookin' P.I.

Willis Barny (NPC) - "Alright, alright! I give! <French curse words>, look I don't know exactly who it was…But he was tall, taller than you yes. Black hair, matted hair. French, probably a French soldier by his look, alright? He was really worried though, wanted to get the jewels and that skull off his hands bad. Sweating a lot." Willis Barny grumbles, holding his hands up, "Now put me down!"

Mean Rob Boyle (NPC) - Rob's eyes don't move much from your chest as he tries to come up with the right words, "Uh…I came home that night and I found the doors open…Uh, whew, yeah. Oh, right and all my stuff was riffled through. I noticed…My jewels of…my late wife had disappeared. Dead wife, though. But uh, anyways yeah my jewels and the skull—" He looks like he's said too much.

Samantha leans forward a bit more and recrosses her legs, letting her skirt slip up, revealing thigh -above- that holster… possibly just the slightest fringe of black lace that's got to line the edge of her panties…"Skull?…What skull? Look, mistah… really… if we don't know it all, how can we help you? And I do want to… Help…" Scoot closer… "You…" Right next to him now, so he can smell the vanilla bean oil she wears.

Dying Rob Boyle (NPC) - The man starts to speak up again and then he sees your leg and then HRNRNNNNNGH, he grabs his chest and falls forward out of his chair on to the floor. He's having some sort of spell! His body clenches up as he holds onto his chest.

Samantha's eyes shoot wide as the man goes down and she looks up to Leo, cursing softly, "What the hell! I didn't even kiss him!" She gasps, apparently not too concerned that he seems to be falling over… he's not dead, right? She leans over, staring at the body, almost scared to touch it…

Samantha swears deeply, getting down on her knees… to HELP someone for once, and she leans over him… going soft for once. She grabs his hand, "Oh, come on, handsome…Just breathe for me! I swear, we'll get those jewels and that skull back for your poor wife! Just gotta open those eyes and take a breath, for me! And I'll swim every river and climb every mountain in this damn jungle to get your things back!" If it's an act, it's a good one. She genuinely seems to want to help.

Leo simply stands on guard while Samantha attempts to charm the old man, whistling a few errant tunes as he stiffles a yawn. He looks about the place and places his attention back towards Samantha and the hyperventilating man.

Revived Rob Boyle (NPC) - The old man jerks and then relaxes, his eyes look pained, "My heart…She's about to give..Thank you, I guess." He turns on his side, "The skull…It's cursed really. I got it from the Jungles, before my wife died. It killed her, I swear. Don't let that poor man have it any longer. He's probably already been hit by the first curse. No, only I deserve that blasted thing!"

Curse? Samantha's eyes go a bit wide as she gently leans over and tries to help scoop the man up off the floor to sit him back in a chair…"Alright, alright, Mr. Boyle…you just sit tight and breathe easy…we'll go lookin' for it all… And don't be silly. No such thing as curses." She says with every attempt to believe her own words before she stands up, nodding to Leo and then the exit. She wants to high tail before she DOES kill the guy.

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