The Von Braum Caper

Cast: Francesca Anna Bugati, Wolfhardt Koenig
Premise: The Scarlet Witch swoops in to save a ship.

rating: 0+x
Scarlet Witch (Francesca)
Man Great (+4(5))
Speed Great (+4(6))
Armament Fair (+2)
Stress [][][]
Notes Invisibility,
Nitro boost(+2 Speed in chase)
Improved Maneuverability(+1 Man)
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (Wolf)
Man Good (+3)
Speed Good (+3)
Armament Great (+4)
Stress [][][]
Notes Aspect: Defender
Wolf's Minions

A bright shining day in the South Caribbean… The sun is high, the wind is calm and the seas are simply stunning from altitude. Aero-cruises are very popular among the worlds wealthy and many of the great liners of the sky risk the scourge of piracy for these exact breathtaking vistas…

"chhhzhzzt… This is Aeroliner Imperion to any Aero-Militias or military vessels, we are under attack! I repeat, this is Aeroliner Imperion, under attack by unidentified aircraft! We are at position Blah by Blah, 30 minutes south of Jamacia.. Please assist!"

"Aeroliner Imperion, this is Aero-dreadnought Mountbatten. We are currently undergoing repairs to our launch racks. We are unable to assist. Good luck."

Of course… flying near by might be…



Meanwhile, at the Aeroliner Imperion…

Flying the British Flag and based in Jamacia, the Imperion thought itself immune to Piracy! And yet, here it is, fighters buzzing all about it while it's small guns try ineffectually to ward off the pirates. Still, the ship fights, trying to hold out hope for rescue!

Little do they know that in their midsts is the reason for the attack: Johann Von Braum, noted aeronautical Engineer, recently escaped from Denmark and now fleeing Nazi oppression! But the Nazi's want him back! And that is why Captain Wolfhardt Koenig and his feared airwing are dispatched. Planes painted black, with simple white skulls on their tails, they can't be linked to the Fatherland! MUHAHAHAHAH!

The Scarlet Witch is out and about, checking out the beauties of her new flying arena. The Caribbean is a suitable substitute for the Mediterranean, and the islands are far more green than the one's she is used to. She's on her way towards Jamaica at the moment, to see a man about some wine and to try the local drink out right at the source. Just thinking about it makes her dig out a flask and take a sip of brandy. However her enjoyment of the tasty French vintage is ruined by the crackle of her radio. She tucks the brandy away and turns the radio up. She contemplates for a moment then picks up her own microphone, "Aeroliner Imperion, this is Francesca Bugati of The Scarlet Witch. I am close to your position and am altering course for intercept." She sets the microphone away then boosts the engine speed up a notch.

"chhhzzt… Scarlet Witch, this is Imperion! Thank god! Please, come quickly, there are… hundreds of them! Everywhere! We can't hold out much longer!"

A thick accent to go with the distortions of radio isn't a good combination, but Francesca responds anyway, "zzzt….Roger that Imperion. Making all haste."

"Aeroliner Imperion, you are to change course to 1-2-0 or we'll make sure you don't reach your destination." Wolfhardt warns the airship over the radio as he keeps his Focke-Wulf Fw 190 a safe distance away from the puny defensive fire. In the meantime, his twelve other wingmen incessantly buzz about the dirigible, poking at it with occasional machinegun fire focused on the several nacelles that push the vessel forward. Koenig maintains a high altitude over the scene, using his keen eyes to frequently watch the horizon for any unwanted visitors.

"This is Aeroliner Imperion to scabberous Airpirates! Your threats are meaningless! The SCARLET WITCH is coming! She will drive you from the skies!"

The Black Baron's eyes narrow as the Imperion's response comes through. Is the Captain bluffing or is that 'Scarlet Witch' actually coming to look for trouble. Koenig switches frequencies to his flight's internal one, "All fighters. Possible bandit inbound soon. Stay sharp." He says and ponders for a moment, "No more teasing. Show the airship we mean business, kameraden!" The Sturmbannfuehrer (Major) adds, spins his airplane 180 degrees and dives towards the Imperion, opening up with serious MG fire, aimed at one of the engine nacelles.

The Scarlet Witch continues to roar through the skies at speed, slowly and steadily climbing for the ceiling. As she gets closer to the zeppelin she pulls a few levers and activates the witching device, letting her bright red ship slowly fade out of existence, leaving a ripple in the air as the energy field warps the space around her. At the stick Francesca starts searching for the zeppelin and the planes attacking it.

And then… out of the corner of the cockpit, a smudge of smoke against the sky. THe kind of smoke an engine emits when it's about to explode or catch fire. The kind of smoke an engine emits when you put 20 rounds of fifty cal lead through it.

Gaining a little altitude, the Scarlet Witch sees then; in front of her, the furball of German Made but unmarked planes, swirling around the Imperion. She's still high in the air, struggling ever closer to Jamacia, but she is highly unlikely to make it…

Good thing those Saboteurs aboard the MountBatten did their jobs…

Francesca noses up to get a bit more altitude before she rolls her red plane over and drops into an attack run for this first run she's coming in with the cloak on, picking off one of the pirates with the assistance of surprise.

The Scarlet Witch's potent racing engine kicks it up a notch, the supercharger roaring to life with a sexy growl that could only be Italian made. The sleek bi-plane slides past the first victim and twists nimbly to line up for the second, but she's already thinking on towards the third target, who has his rear pointed just the right way, and the stream of lead she tosses out is more of a distraction than an attack. That third plane though catches the line of lead from her four fifties directly. She cranks the stick around and rolls around to spray at another two planes to no effect, but whatever the case, the pirates certainly know they're in a fight now.

Wolfhardt's eyes widen as he suddenly hears desperate cries coming from his radio. He whips his head back and notices two of his countrymen plunging to the ocean, trails of black smoke erupting from their flaming airframes, "Scheisse! What the hell?!" He exclaims in frustration before he spots that red plane darting forth, "H-He just burst out of nowhere, Herr Sturmbannfuehrer!" One of the wingmen blurts into the flight channel as The Black Baron's coming about, "All airplanes! Destroy that cowardly bastard in the name of the Fuehrer!" Wolf emphatically instructs his comrades, who quickly assume an attack formation and lance towards the Scarlet Witch, leaving the Imperion aside for now. They're looking to envelop their sneaky adversary while their wing command climbs steadily, preparing to take a sharp dive and come onto the enemy from above.

Francesca watches the furball of fighters break away from the zeppelin and start flying defensively as they search for the source of the two explosive blasts that sent a couple of their companions spinning down towards the ground. She pulls off a quick burst that takes out another one of them, but the next two attack runs leave her with smoking guns and no more enemies heading towards the deck. Their defensive tactics seem to be working for them.

So it becomes obvious this… Scarlet Witch is impossibly nimble! The flight's enveloping formation is somewhat disrupted once skillful maneuvering by part of the enemy of the Reich manages to turn tables, allowing the Witch to get a bead on one of the Fw 190s. Poor Franz is summarily thrashed by rather weak but unnervingly accurate fire that paints most of the battered canopy in crimson. His plane slowly falls out of the formation, and helplessly glides till it becomes but a temporary column of water on the sea. But in the meantime his wingmen had reacted, and managed to stay out of the way while trying to reverse the situation as fast as possible.

Francesca catches one of the pirates coming into range of her guns and she swings around to spit out a line of lead in his direction, but the pirate yanks their plane out of the way in time and Francesca is prevented from following up by a deadly fusillade of death from the lead plane of the pirates. She yanks back on the stick and does a deadly dance, barely managing to get out of his sights in time. However, her pirouette brings her into position to return the favor and she opens up with her own guns as the come to bare. Flame gout's from the four barrels as she reaches out to announce her presence behind her foe.

Wolfhardt's controlled bursts don't even nick the Scarlet Witch, which quickly swings around and evades the deadly hail with amazing agility. The Sturmbannfuehrer swears inwardly, gritting his teeth as he tries to manuever back into a good firing position, his gaze nailed on his target. In the process two more proud warriors of the Fatherland are bested by the unnatural aircraft, but that doesn't seem to weaken the resolve of the surviving planes, which maneuver about to follow and support their prodigal leader.

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