Avatar of Camazotz
Aliases Prof John Smith
Nationality British/Xibalban
Birth Place Reading, GB; Oaxaca
Birthdate Apr 5, 1898; Nov 1, 1939
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"I bring you word from Xibalba. That word is… death."


Professor John Smith, a British archaeologist, went deep into the rugged hills of Oaxaca. What terrifying secret he found there is unclear, but it changed him. Running for his life, he fled to Maracaibo until that horrible secret… caught up with him.


Now, John Smith has become an avatar of Camazotz, the Mayan bat god of death, night, and sacrifice, who dwells in Xibalba, the Mayan underworld. While this avatar has a few human followers, he has command of several dozen giant Spectral bats.

Recent Events


This bat demon retains the original knowledge of his human past, but is devoted to his new existence. He is active at night, able to fly, with his minions, and feed on victims. While the bats attack humans, they more often feed on cattle. His purpose is a bit muddied, beyond terrorizing and feeding, but there is a general goal of returning the old ways. Possibly he will create more avatars, call up spirits from Xibalba, and other nefarious goals players must thwart.


Spirit of Camazotz Personal Artifact Winged flight, miniaturization, night vision
The spirit of the dire bat god infuses John Smith, warping his body. While he walks normally on two legs, his arms can stretch into large wings, allowing him to fly nimbly. He can also see quite well in nothing more than starlight (though he needs some light).
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