Chesty Fullerman - Mayor of New York City
Concept Mayor of New York City, Secret Unionist
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"I SAY! Lets take a spot of Brandy in the parlor, where we can speak freely."


Once a dedicated politician in the United States Senate, he held the third most powerful position in the nation: Speaker of the House. When the United States came crashing down, Chesty Fullerman held hopes of holding it all together. The defeat of the demoralized US military in the campaign against the Peoples Collective sealed the nations fate and Chesty knew it. Never one to be taken back by anything, he initiated a quick and efficient culling of what was left in the days before the final collapse, sending loyal men and women to places he knew he could count on them. Politicians, Industrialists and Military officers across the nation answer to him in a loose coalition of well-to-do and highly placed Unionists.


In the ten years since the fall of America, Fullerman has come to be one of the most influential Unionists in the world, directing resources to various causes. He steers clear of those who use terrorist tactics, save those against the Communist Peoples Collective which he despises. He is now Mayor of New York City and a beloved figure in the Empire State.


Chesty Fullerman is…. THE MAN WHO SAVED AMERICA

In this novel, a suspense thriller, Chesty must uncover and neutralize powerful regionalist interests, fend off foreign aggression and influence while keeping together the faltering Unionist cause! Thrill at his victories, mourn at his defeats, but Chesty Fullerman WILL PREVAIL!

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