Vice-Admiral Gunter Horst
Aliases Herr Kaptain
Nationality Germany
Birth Place The North Sea
Ethnicity UberMan
Birthdate Unknown
Concept Diplomatic Villain
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"Pain. You do not know pain. I know pain, and I will kindly introduce you."


Gunter Horst was born to the sea, son of famed Kapitän Wilhelm Horst of the SMS Friedrich der Grosse. A tramp steamer in the middle of the Great War, trying to get from Norway back to Germany with Kaptain Horsts wife and child. The steamer came under allied fire and left young Gunter with burn scars across his face… but cost his mother his life. During the scuttling of the Freidrich der Grosse at Scapa Flow, Kaptain Horst went down with his ship, orphaning young Gunter, leaving him a boy of 10, deformed and rejected.


Taken in by Freiherr von Koszalin, himself uglied by Mustard Gas on the French front, Young Gunter was given a fine education. He entered Germany's Naval command and rose to be given the faith of der Fuhrer. Hitlers tragic death two years ago has not dimmed his love for the Fuhrer, but it has opened Gunter's eyes to the reality that Herrer is the mastermind of a grand conspiracy. This is why Freiherr von Koszalin has brought Gunter in to the Brotherhood of the Reich, a secret cabal of anti-Thulians, who seek relics and power across the world to bring Hitler back from the dead! With Hitlers bold genius back at the helm of a restored Fatherland, nothing can stand in the way of the TRUE REICH!


Gunter Horst is… SEA HUNTER

Recent Events


He has no personality; he is a man consumed.


The Flying Temple of Acolnahuacatl Stately Pleasure Dome Extensive Security,
Utmost Secrecy,
Flying Temple/Nazi Base
Arcane Workshop

The Flying Temple of Acolnahuacatl; God of the underworld and death!

This temple, a formidable relic of its own right, is a relic of Atlantis. Capable of limited, slow flight and complete submersion underwater, the Temple is the ideal secret base for a Nazi conspiracy dedicated to the rebirth of Adolf Hitler!

Housing a full squadron of the Luftwaffe's finest pilots, it operates as a simi-mobile airbase. Stocked with aircraft from Britain and France, purchased through brokers in the Industrial States of America and capable of hosting up to 2 U-Boats, the Flying Temple of Acolnahuacatl stands poised to fulfill its two-fold mission: Uncover the secrets of reanimating the corpse of Hitler and disrupting the Anglo/Frankish alliance in the Caribbean!

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