Minibosses have about as much 'oomph' as regular villains, but are more narrowly defined. Used as-is, they are somewhat less flexible and sometimes a little less powerful than a regular villain: they have fewer Aspects, and thus fate points; they have fewer stunts. But in their area of expertise, they are just as hard-hitting as a full villain.
Being more limited in scope makes these minibosses easier to 'run' for a gamemaster. They can also provide the starting point for full villains, simply by adding a few Aspects and stunts, and defining more skills. This can be done before a game, or on the fly as events unfold.

Many, if not most, villains will have the Minions stunt.

When adding new skills, it is a better idea to think of 'what is more interesting for this character to have' rather than 'what should this character have.' That is, what's going to make for a more entertaining scene and give players engaging characters to play off of. In some cases, consider asking the players or encouraging them to declare 'The street thug thinks he's a much better gambler than he is!' or similar.

The skills listed are generally those that will come up in most scenes: Alertness, Athletics, Empathy, Endurance, Resolve. In addition, one or more combat skills and other skills important to the concept may be listed.


Name 4 Aspects 3 Stunts Superb skill Great skills Good skills Fair skills Average Skills Poor skill Terrible skill
Street bruiser Macho, Built like a fireplug, Knows these streets, Raised on the streets Minions, Brawler, Dirty fighter +5 Fists +4 Endurance, Might +3 Athletics +2 Resolve, Empathy +1 Alertness, Deceit -1 -2
Some tough guy on the streets or possibly working as a smuggler, big and not afraid to sucker-punch anyone giving his gang trouble. Will generally use Minions to 'buy' extra minions (low quality, high quantity).
(Brawler : +1 Fists when defending outnumbered; Dirty fighter : +1 to roll when tagging opponent Aspects)
Street thug Shifty, Knows these streets, Quick on his feet, Ruthless Minions, Scary, Aura of Menace +5 Weapons +4 Alertness, Intimidation +3 Athletics, Stealth +2 Resolve, Empathy, Burglary, Contacting +1 Deceit, Endurance -1 -2
This small-time crook prefers easy prey, threatening workers at knife-point and breaking into houses. The street thug is a leader through threat and bluster, but when pressed he is dangerously quick with a knife (or club, or saber, or…). Like the bruiser, his gang is numerous more than effective.
(Scary : uses Intimidation to resist Intimidation; Aura of Menace : once per scene per target can use FP as a free action to intimidate)
Thug with a gun Ruthless, Macho, His gang are brothers, Big man Minions, Shot on the run, Quick draw +5 Guns +4 Resolve, Intimidation +3 Alertness +2 Empathy, Burglary, Athletics, Resources +1 Deceit, Endurance, Contacting, Leadership, Might -1 -2
A gunman leading some small gang of crooks, the thug with a gun may be a smuggler or bandit preying on small villages.
Wing leader Daring, Leader of Men, Has a temper, Cutting-edge plane Minions, Flying Ace, Signature Aircraft +5 Pilot +4 Leadership +3 Alertness, Resolve +2 Resources +1 Endurance/ -1 -2//
Some type of pilot leading a group of other aircraft. The 'cutting-edge plane' can be compelled for malfunctions. The plane has 3 stress boxes, speed of Good (pick specific aircraft if desired).
(Signature Aircraft: Craftsmanship, Armored (first stress box doesn't roll up), Futurization (extended flight range, generally superior design))
Aerial duelist Daring, Overconfident, Plane's seen a lot of fights, Honorable Defensive flying, Flying Ace, Signature Aircraft +5 Pilot +4 Resolve +3 Alertness +2 Resources, Intimidation +1 Endurance/ -1 -2//
An enemy pilot for one-on-one fights. The 'plane's seen a lot of fights' can be compelled for equipment breakdowns or used to benefit in fancy maneuvers (since the duelist is very familiar with the plane). Plane has 5 stress boxes (includes Rugged), speed of Good (if desired, pick specific aircraft, add Armored and Rugged).
(Signature Aircraft: Craftsmanship, Armored (first stress box doesn't roll up), Rugged (+2 stress boxes))
Large jaguar Cunning, Fearsome, Knows the jungle, Just an animal Brawler, Dirty Fighter, Crippling Strike, Signature Strike +5 Fists +4 Endurance, Alertness +3 Athletics, Survival, Stealth +2 Might, Resolve +1 -1 -2
The jaguar, Panthera onca, is a big cat, a feline in the Panthera genus. It is the only Panthera species found in the Americas. The jaguar is the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion, and the largest and most powerful feline in the Western Hemisphere. The jaguar is a largely solitary, stalk-and-ambush predator, and is opportunistic in prey selection.
(Brawler, Dirty Fighter, see Street Bruiser. Crippling strike : when injuring opponent with Fists, can spend fate point to force opponent to take a consequence rather than stress box. Only once per opponent per scene; Signature strike : ambush leap — once per scene (start of scene), the jaguar's attack causes a consequence in addition to normal damage)
(Ed. note: this miniboss has an additional stunt compared to other minibosses; this is somewhat balanced by how easily 'just an animal' can be used against the jaguar)
Lodge master Genteel, Intense gaze, Facade, Quick mind Minions, Secrets of the arcane (Hermetic magic), Mythos Sorcery +5 Occult +4 Deceit, Resolve +3 Rapport, Academics, Resources +2 Intimidation +1 Endurance, Alertness, Weapons Poor skill Terrible skill
The magical lodges of Europe have a tradition dating back to the early medieval age, possibly earlier. They practice Hermetic magic, a rather analytical practice drawing on a variety of Jewish and Christian sources (which, in turn, draw from Greek, Egyptian, Persian, etc.). Leaders of lodges are usually members of European nobility, or at least those trying to work their way into high society. Variations include Freemasons, Order of the Golden Dawn, and OTO. As villains, lodge masters may be renegade factions, eager to gain 'true power' and prove their school teachers wrong, or some other villainous motivation. Lodge masters may also be more about social maneuvering and worldly power, in which case use 'corrupt official' or 'wealthy landowner' and add in Occult as a low-level skill.
Lodge masters are perfect for dark rituals that must be prevented. They may be more sympathetic, trying to, perhaps, call upon the spirits of the dead to save the Empire State, or seeking a cure for disease, but in some fool-hardy, reckless supernatural fashion. Or they might be seeking immortality, ready to sacrifice some buxom blond with strategically ripped bodice on an ancient altar. In any case… they must be stopped!
(Mythos sorcery : once per scene, villain can spend a fate point to use Occult in place of any other skill in a manner requiring no tools; failure, however, causes a minor consequence.)

Concepts I plan on writing up: Tribal shaman, Militia capitan, wealthy landowner, corrupt official, Mad inventor

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