Percy Ives - British Intelligence Comptroller in Maracaibo
Aliases Mr. Brody, Jack Trips, Other Aliases
Nationality Great Britain
Birth Place Nassau, Bahamas
Ethnicity Anglo-Saxon
Birthdate Unknown
Concept English Intelligence Comptroller
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"Think nothing of it, my friend! For Britannia!"


Percy Ives is a rather aged and unattractive man. His bristled hair of his beard and the stubble on his head snow white. Despite his age he does move like a man a few decades younger, though that doesn't say much about the man. He does take great pride in his marksmanship and the trophy's decorating his office speak to that. He speaks at length of deeds of the empire in years past and is wary of new generation that has sprung up. Despite this, he does have some talent at his job.

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