Queen Elizabeth II - The Child Empress Of The World
Aliases Your IMPERIAL Majesty, the Child Queen
Nationality British
Birth Place Mayfair, England
Ethnicity Anglo-Saxon
Birthdate April 21, 1926 (13 years old)
Concept Empress of the World
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"We find ourselves unamused."


Elizabeth was the first child of Prince Albert, Duke of York (later King George VI), and his wife Elizabeth. She was born by Caesarian section at 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London, and on 29 May 1926, was baptised in the private chapel of Buckingham Palace by the Archbishop of York, Cosmo Lang. Her godparents were her paternal grandparents King George V and Queen Mary; her aunts, Princess Mary and Lady Elphinstone; her great-great-uncle, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn; and her maternal grandmother, Cecilia Bowes-Lyon, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Elizabeth was named after her mother, great-grandmother Queen Alexandra, and grandmother Queen Mary, and called "Lilibet" by her close family. She had a close relationship with her grandfather, and was credited with aiding in his recovery from illness in 1929.

As a granddaughter of the monarch in the male line, Elizabeth held the title of a British princess, with the style Her Royal Highness, her full style being Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of York. At birth, she was third in the line of succession to the throne, behind her uncle, Prince Edward, The Prince of Wales, and her father. Although her birth did generate public interest, there was no reason to believe then that she would ever become queen, as it was widely assumed that the Prince of Wales would marry and have children of his own. In 1936, when her grandfather, the King, died and her uncle Edward succeeded, she was second in line after her father. Later that year, Edward abdicated and her father became king. Elizabeth became heiress presumptive, and was thereafter known as Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth.

After the tragic death of King George VI, her father, in a tragic equestrian accident, the Littlest Queen took command of the Empire with a sheer determination that cannot be denied. Her Prime Minister is Winston Churchill, a man who is able to master the young girl's fire and drive, and pair it to his own wisdom.

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