Concept Ancient spirit, bound long ago… until now!
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In the dark jungles, long ago, it was born. The tribe was desperate, ravaged by disease and starvation, and called forth with blood and bone. Xotquilen! Xotquilen!! XOTQUILEN!!!


In time, its power grew, fed by blood, fed by sacrifice. Soon, the tribe raided others, making a great mound of teeth to house the power of Xotquilen. The darkness grew and grew, darkening the souls of the people, and all feared them.

The Hungry Darkness and the Lords of Light

The Toltecs fought Xotquilen, calling on the powers of light to bind the spirit into the teeth it often slumbered within, burying it in a deep well, sealed in stone. There the spirit would slumber, for ages… until the unwitting explorations of white man!

Recent Events


Very simply, Xotquilen is a power born of blood, hunger, anger, and pain. It is single-minded, though it has an animal cunning at times.


Fetish of Teeth Symbol of Xotquilen
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