Vril Society


Leader Maria Orsic, Master Aetheric Medium
Allegiance Greater German Reich
Headquarters Castle Asgard, Germany

Initially the All-German Society for Metaphysics (German: Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik), the all-female organization known as the Vril Society was founded sometime before 1919. Official unclassified Reich documents are unusually cryptic about the specifics of the Society’s origin beyond the fact it was established in Munich, Germany by the allegedly Croatian Maria Orsic and a woman enigmatically known only as Traute.

The Vril Gesellschaft came into contact with the better-known Thule Society in 1919, and in December the leading officials of both arranged to meet in a secluded forester’s lodge in the vicinity of Berchtesgaden. The specifics of what transpired that evening remain hidden away in top secret files, but rumours say Maria and Sigrun, another medium, received psychic transmissions (from a source they didn’t disclose) in an exotic, eastern-looking language. These transmissions contained technical data for the construction of an outlandish, circular flying machine.

The Vrilerinnen (Vril women) gradually gained prominence under the wing of the Thulians in the 1920s, but resources weren’t plentiful enough to develop the technological plans and schematics they’d regularly receive. Some would be provided to their occult-fascinated allies, while others they’d keep to themselves. It was only after Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 that the Thule Society could repay them for their contributions to the future of Germany. Political machinations by Karl Harrer himself within the Nazi Party ensured a constant, generous stream of funding for the Vril Society. In exchange for the continued supply of technology, naturally.

During the following years, the power of the secretive Vrilerinnen skyrocketed, as they began to expand their influence and actually realize several pieces of mad science, most of which still kept in zealous secrecy. The Gesellschaft also received progressive surges of manpower, and by the end of 1937 they managed to acquire and properly staff an old castle in the Allgäu Alps near Sonthofen, one of the most southerly towns in the Reich.

The castle, renamed Asgard by the Circle of Nine, the leading council of the organization, was extensively restored and in some areas remodelled to serve as the definitive headquarters of the Vril Society. A very modern expansion was built into the mountain as well, though details about it are scant at best. It’s speculated such underground installation would be the ideal place to keep all the supposed fruits of the so-called “otherscience” safe, and the necessary advanced research and development facilities to maintain them.

However, such rumours are presently unfounded. Castle Asgard is nothing short of a fortress by modern standards, and any kind of infiltration attempt to confirm them would prove extremely difficult to accomplish, if not suicidal. The hazy nature of the scarce information regarding what it could house may very well add to the danger.

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