Controlling Power: Self-Governed
Governor: Presidente Juan Batista

After the victory of Franco's Nacionales in Europe, the remaining Republicanos flee to Cuba with Infante Don Juan, Count of Barcelona, the heir to the Spanish throne. The Cuban aristocracy welcomes the would-be King with kisses in public and curses in private. The young Count is a charismatic and accomplished military man in his own right, and uses his oratory skills (and considerable stored wealth) to 'convince' Batista to allow him to purchase the former U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay as a base of operation for his government in exile. It currently exists as a nation within a nation, a sovereign state within the bounds of Cuba. For the last few years, the Nacionales have let this situation be… but new support from a resurgent Deutsches Reich under Reichskanzler Karl Harrer and his Italian allies mean that this might change.

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