Major Powers

The major powers of Europe are the industrial powerhouse of Great Britain, The less industrial but technologically advanced France, and the aggressively expansionist Nazi Germany. The three powers are relatively balanced at this time, but the balance is constantly shifting in Germany's favor.

England's world wide empire is logistically challenged, while France's overseas holdings are more remote and less valuable. Germany now controls a network of smaller nations and the recent alliance with Korea threatens the balance of world wide power, starting in the far east.

Though lagging behind the boundless energy (And direct, immediate military need) of the American Aircraft manufacturers, France, England and Germany are all monolithic world-spanning powers that are easily the equal of any group of American Nations. The three main powers look to each other warily, while divvying up the world between themselves.

The British Empire is at its zenith, though constantly bickering with its arch rival, the Grand Republic of France! The two major empires have been unchallenged in the last ten years, with the American Empire dissolving in to its component nations, Russia imploded both great powers now watch the rising might and aggression of Nazi Germany with concern.

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