The Grand Republic of France

Liberté Toute Entière (Liberty unfettered)

Ruler Jules Verne III, The Scholar-President
Capitol Paris, France

The Grand Republic Of France is the center of learning in Europe, the paragon of democracy and enlightenment. Paris, the city of lights, casts a glow that illuminates an empire. Lead by L'Académie de Jules Verne pour la promotion de la France, French Science tends to be bold and trend setting. While France is not always the one to capitalize on the technologies developed here (The automobile, for example, was perfected in America and Britain has eclipsed France in the production and design of the Aircraft Carrier), France is able to be the first to demonstrate many new technologies.

Napoleon is considered to be a national hero, returning victorious from a conquest of mainland Europe. Rather than force his war with Russia, he turned back at the conquest of Germany, Prussia and Austria, preserving his force and retaining such strength that Britain sought treaty rather than direct conflict in 1916. Having looted Europe of its valuables and art, Napoleon was content with releasing Germany and Spain back to their own peoples, his aims fulfilled and his empire preserved.

The Grand Republic today is not known as a major industrial power, but it is self-sufficient for military production and can produce fearsome weapons of war. The Academies of France churn out prototype after prototype of fanciful and arcane inventions, some useful, some not so much. The volume of innovation taking place however, keeps France on the cutting edge.

The Military of France is a vast thing, flung around the world. It's main centers of logistics are Indochina, Madagascar, Dijabouti, Haiti and France itself. The French Airforce is one of the most feared Air Forces in the world, with dedicated pilots who receive the absolute best that the French can provide. The French navy is second only to Great Britain's in scope and size.

The French Foreign Air Legion (FFAL) accepts pilots (and their planes) from any background, any nation, so long as they are willing to serve France for a term of no less than four years. As such, the FFAL tends to be rag tag, with a wide variety of equipment, but surprisingly effective none the less. It is not unusual to find Russians flying with Arabs, with both flying German planes. The FFAL does not maintain a flight school. You are either a pilot, and can prove it, or you are not, and you get a rifle.

  • Colonial Holdings
    • African Holdings
      • West Africa
      • Madagascar
      • North Africa
      • Morocco
    • American Holdings
      • Haiti
      • French Louisiana
      • French West Indies
      • French Guiana
    • Asian Holdings
      • French Indochina
      • Formosa
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