The Greater German Reich

Heil Hitler!

Ruler Karl Harrer, The Occult Overlord
Capitol Berlin, Germany
The Third Reich cannot fall. Not even the untimely death of Adolf Hitler in 1938, cut down in the prime of his power by a cowardly assassin's bullet, could halt the rise of the Reich. The British and French policies of appeasement have allowed Germany to consume Czechoslovakia, Denmark, The Netherlands and Poland without challenge. So focused have the main powers been on each other and their rivalry, they did not foresee the might of the Reich and its rise to challenge their prowess.

Through alliances with Austria-Hungary and Italy, through the consumption of Denmark and the Netherlands, Germany has inherited an impressive colonial empire that they are rapidly capitalizing on. Secure on the Russian front by the long running Russian Civil War, Germany is free to turn its incredible industrial might to producing a war machine the likes of which has never been seen in the world. A fleet of undersea boats prowl the Atlantic, shadowing French and British warships while German aeronautics stands ahead of even the French, with powerful warplanes and long range zeppelins capable of carrying more aircraft than even their British counterparts.

The current leader of the Reich is Chancellor and President is Karl Harrer, long time confidant and occult adviser to Hitler. Hitler himself is now a national hero, referred to as 'Uns Aller Vater', or 'Father to us all'. German forces have assisted in the rise of Mussolini and Franco, putting vast pressures on France, while the power of the rising Korean Empire places concern on Britain for its dominance of the far east.

The German Empire rises quickly; and in doing so, upsets the delicate balance of power. Nazi agents currently scour the globe for mystic artifacts and legends, bringing them back to Berlin for Chancellor Herrer to study. Of interest is the Chinese Great Wall of Elemental Air, and its near perfect anti-aircraft defense. If Germany could learn its secrets, it would be unstoppable in Europe.

With the largest core of trained, battle-tested troops, Germany is a fearsome enemy that the British have finally recognized and are starting to move against. The Condor Legion of the Luftwaffe represents the most technologically advanced air force, with the best trained air corps, in all of Europe. While other air forces may be larger, they are spread out around the world. Under Harrer, the German war machine has slowed, resting between invasions and annexations, allowing the military to come back to full strength after the absorption of much of Central Europe.

Internally, the Reich is quietly divided. While none can object to the success of Harrer, he is not by any means beloved by all the people, or the higher ranked military. Much of the higher-ranked Nazi party fears Harrer and works secretly, quietly, against the Thule Society, seeing it as a bastardization of Nazi purity. One of the major anti-Thulians is Admiral Karl Dönitz, commander of the German navy, the Kriegsmarine.

  • Colonial Holdings
    • European holdings
      • Poland
      • Czechoslovakia
      • Denmark
    • Asian Holdings
      • Dutch East Indies
    • South American Holdings
      • German Suriname
      • The Falkland Islands
      • Kaltenstine Station (Antarctica)
    • African Holdings
      • German West Africa
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