The Empire of Great Britain

Pax Britannica!

Ruler Elizabeth II, The Child Queen
Capitol London, England

Great Britain is an empire where the sun never sets, a world wide empire at the apex of its power. With nearly a quarter of the worlds territory and a third of its population under its control, there has never been a greater empire. But as the premiere power on the planet, it is also the primary target for a wide variety of competing interests and powers. The recent alliance between the Korean Empire and the Third Reich threatens over a century and a half of Pax Britannica. A major war in the far east may bring the Empire down, like the overstretched, complacent power that it is.

London is the center of industrial production in the world, where everything and anything can be built upon the pillars of industry and science. Furthermore, its former alliance with the Korean Empire has allowed British geomancers, or Druids, to tap into the Amesbury Convergence, the only known place in the known world where three leylines intersect, at the Stonehenge Megalith. Despite this, the Crown is wary of any reliance upon the Occult, focusing instead on the strength of Britain industry.

Industry, science, and a healthy dose of magic has led to the unprecedented charge of British dominance in international affairs, although many have noted that its once innovative and adventurous aristocracy are becoming complacent and decadent, and the British, in their zeal to expand and discover, have grossly overextended themselves.

With the recent collapse of its alliance with Korea and growing tensions with former allies in Italy, Britain is courting new friends to compensate, investing greatly in the infrastructure of Nanjing to court the favor of Emperor Pao and offering fresh marriage proposals between the Princesses of the Court of London and the Dukes of the Courts of Austria-Hungary. Prime Minister Lloyd Douglas has been seeking a friend in the fractious Confederacy of Dixie through trade relations and the lending of older military ships and equipment to help the Confederacy gain an upper hand against its rivals for North American supremacy. If it can secure a firm ally in a major north American power, it can retain primacy in the Americas and centralize it's empire again.

Britain remains the center of proper aristocratic training and higher education. While France may content itself with educating the common man, The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge serve as important schools where British, Scottish, American, Italian, German, Austrian, and even Chinese and Korean aristocrats all mingle together, creating a network of allies from the ground up. The Amesbury Convergence is also an important area where various mystics and magicians flock to witness one of the most powerful mystical centers in the Western hemisphere.

Britain has the most powerful Air Force on the seas or skies, and she wields a larger fleet of carriers, both Aero and Naval, than France. Her reach is limitless, her web of allies is vast and her resources are immense. The only nation so far to be able to field the AeroDreadnought, her anger when roused is not a thing to take lightly. The primary problem facing the British Empire is one of focus; while the Empire, if brought to bear, would be unstoppable… it's logistically impossible to organize, move and effectively wield a full one third of the worlds population.

  • Colonial Holdings
    • European Holdings
      • Gibraltar
      • Malta
      • Cyprus
      • The Low Countries
    • Asian Holdings
      • India
      • Hong Kong
      • Okinawa
      • Malaysia
    • American Holdings
    • Middle Eastern and African Holdings
      • Egypt
      • Palestine
      • African Colonies
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