Grecian Fracture Zone

Caught between the shifting tides of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Turkey, both long enemies of the Grecian states with vested interests in its continued instability, this area has disintegrated in to a patchwork of warlords and pirate kingdoms. Borders shift to fast to be recorded, but what is known is that any shipping in this area requires bribing the pirates, or being strong enough to not be targeted.

One of the strongest of the Pirate Lords is Aristotle Onassis, Ruler of the isle of Crete. This powerful businessman, owner of a fleet of ships and a large stable of zeppelins, runs the most stable of the fractured patchwork of the Grecian City States. Mr. Onassis represents the best hope for a reunified greece, a thing that makes him a target to both the Turks and the Austro-Hungarians.

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