Head of State (Consul) Benito Mussolini
Capital Rome, Italy

After the Great War and the injustices heaped upon Italy, the dream of Italian unification fell apart. While nominally confederated under the Mussolini government in Rome, Fascist Italy exists at the mercy of scattered nobility in northern and southern Italy. Luckily for Mussolini, the Italian aristocracy, in sharp contrast to the British aristocracy, exploited the rise of fascism in Italy to entrench their authority and maintain primitive lines of authority that keep Italy from reaching super-power status.

Indeed, Italy finds itself a land of sharp contrasts. The aristocrats-turned-industrialists are patrons to boutique industries that specialize in highly fashionable, technologically advanced, and ultra modern goods in minute quantities. At the same time, Italy, for a moderate economy, is a major industrial power, able to churn out cheap but reliable, technologically inferior 'budget goods' at nearly double the productivity of its nearest industrial rival.

While Italy is mocked by the other European powers as a producer of cheap, third-rate goods, Milan and Rome are the centers of high culture in Europe, from opera singers to the latest fashion. While South of France may attract the nouveaux riche of Europe, Sicily is where true British and German aristocrats can meet together and play a round of polo, have heated debates over global affairs, or trade the latest fashion tips and fashionable colors. Italian super-premium boutique goods are coveted from the Havana to Nanjing. The Kingdom of Sicily and its Mediterranean navy holds the keys to stable oil output from North Africa.

It is currently allied to Germany and at a state of cold war with France. It entered into a grudging alliance at the request of Berlin in 1932 with Austro-Hungary, but as German relations with the Austro-Hungarians falter, so do Italian relations with their former enemies. It also maintains reasonably good relations with Great Britain, in part due to the lucrative oil leases along the Libyan coast since their alliance in the Great War.

  • Colonial Holdings
    • Libya - Libya is arguably Italy's crown jewel in its limited colonial possessions, with Tripoli as the central nexus for oil production in North Africa.
    • Ethiopia
    • Somalia
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