The Korean Empire
Ruler Emperor Sunjong
Imperial Capital Seoul, Korea
District Capital Bejing, China
District Capital Vladivostok, Russia
District Capital Nagasaki, Japan
District Capital Manila, Philippines
District Capital Haikou, Hainan

The Korean Empire is an advanced industrial nation, highly regimented in a pervasive bureaucracy and a prominent military, it was originally a science-oriented society that is becoming increasingly interested in mysticism and the occult. It is currently allied with Germany.

By the time the second Japanese invasion began, Korea rivaled the lesser European nations in scientific progress, known for high precision watches, advanced cannons, and sophisticated rifles. At first, the untested military faltered against the Japanese forces, but emboldened by British air tactics, the Japanese were not only rapidly repulsed but savagely slaughtered in the Battle of Wonsan and the Battle of Busan. Korean forces, despite requests by the British to withdraw, and began an invasion of the Japanese islands.

Access to Korea is largely restricted to foreign ambassadors and their families. Foreigners are invited at the port city of Incheon, one of only two ports where westerners are permitted on the Korean peninsula.

  • Seoul - Seoul is the capital of the Korean Empire.
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