Puerto Rico

Controlling Power: Self-Governed
Governor: Commodore Johan Mclintock

After the Breakup, Puerto Rico found itself abandoned by a nation they didn't particularly wish to be a part of in the first place. Local government broke down almost immediately due to lack of infrastructure, and strongmen divided the island into no less than 6 small fiefdoms. By 1934, things had sorted themselves out somewhat, and a single dictator came to power. Commodore Johan Mclintock, formerly a Captain in the US Navy.

With little to earn him income, the Commodore turned to piracy using converted steamers and confiscated U.S.A.A.F. fighters. Still unable to project power far beyond his small kingdom, he nonetheless reaps enough bounty from both sea and air traffic to sustain his kingdom- and his 'military'- in such a fashion that it would be unreasonably expensive to oust him. He desires to gain access to a small fleet of Zeppilins and is in talks with several European corporations.

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