Ruler Emperor Karl I
Capitol Vienna, Austria

Francisco Fraco was once a powerful general in the Army of Alphonso IX, King of Spain. But when the King refused the Generals request to marry Princess Isabella, the General grew bitter and angry. In short order, he set about installing his own officers in positions of importance around the nation, moving deftly to create a crisis with rebels against royal rule that did not exist. Using the pretext of the rebels, he pressed the king for greater powers and greater control. The old king gave the powers, thinking Francisco to be a man of Spain.

But he was not. Francisco was a man for himself, and upon purging the military of suspected disloyalists, Bolsheviks and homosexuals, he seized control of the nation in a bloody coup. The heroic efforts of the Royal Guard protected the royal family, much to Francisco's dismay, and plunged the nation in to a three year long civil war. The British, while declaring the matter internal to Spain, none the less provided assistance to the Royal Court, while Nazi Germany sent the Condor Legion to assist Franco.

The Navy and Airforce remained mostly loyal, but the Army belongs to Franco. The Royalist Navy and Air force has evacuated the mainland, setting up camp in Mallorca, while the Royal Court has settled in Spain pending an invasion of the mainland. Air battles over the Mediterranean are common, and Royalist Spanish ships often stop and board Spanish flagged vessels.

  • Fascist Spain
  • Royalist Spain
    • Cuba - Republican but hosting the court-in-exile.
    • Mallorca - Massive Airbase
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