West Indies

Once the property of Britain, the entire area is over run by pirates, with local governments constantly destabilized. Britain is debating what to do here, but it's stretched thin by recent events elsewhere.

US The Virgin Islands

Controlling Power: Self-Governed
Governor: Governor Michael Anderson, Admiral Ashley H. Robertson

These small islands, St. Croix, St. Thomas & St. John, cling to their sovereignty by the thinnest of threads and a lot of expatriot military protection. Due to the military presence in the area, the pirates of Puerto Rico largely leave this area alone. The U.S.Virgin Islands are the only part of the former United States where the Stars and Stripes still flies freely, and is home to over 120,000 expatriates.

The Islands hold regular elections and maintain a robust defense force centered on the Navy. The force maintains its command structure from the US Atlantic Fleet's Scout Force. The pride of the fleet remains the Battleship Arizona and the Aircraft Carrier Lexington but they also maintain a small fleet of a dozen destroyers and a few submarines which escaped there from Guantanamo Bay after the Cubans evicted them.

One of the legacies of the United States was the Virgin Islands as a stable, well used port of call and logistics en route to the Panama Canal. They remains so even now, providing the teat from which the people of the islands suckle.

Chesty Fullerman, Former US Speaker of the House, now the Mayor of New York City in the Empire State, maintains large holdings here as do many powerful people across the shattered North America. As a secret member of the Unionist movement, he directs subtle but considerable funds to the Virgin Islands to assist in their defense. The military Airship 'USS Independence' and its Captain, Dirk Steele, are based in Buck Island, on an old US Naval Air Station now owned by Mayor Fullerman.

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