Leo Messina


Leo Messina is the (supposed) bastard child of a Scottish steel baron and a favorite mistress (or whore if you prefer) at his namesake town of Messina, Italy. When she fell out of favor with said steel baron, he did too and grew up largely on the streets before landing himself in prison at a fairly young age. Striking a devil's bargain with the prison magistrate, he landed odd jobs in various contested oil rigs in North Africa, working as a security guard by day, serving as a mercenary/drunk at night, and an amateur prize fighter on weekends. He finds himself in Maracaibo after a big job fell through.

Rough Around the Edges Heart of Gold


Sort of a scraggly kid growing up, Leo had something of a growth spurt in his adolescent days, running through town committing petty crimes and breaking hearts. He got into frequent fights in the streets but it wasn't until he landed himself in an extended vacation in prison when he learned he had a knack for beating people up… and enjoyed it. He gained recognition as a raw, unpolished natural fighter after taking down long-time reigning champion of the prison circuit, Alonzo 'Ercole' Lazlo in only his second fight in prison.

Tough as Nails Won't Back Down Without a Fight

Leo Messina and the Gold Zeppelin Incident

Leo Messina and a band of mercenaries get more than they bargained for in their search to rob a hijacked zeppelin, the so-called 'Gold Zeppelin' of local legend. Lost deep in the Amazon jungle, they encounter ancient treasure, angry natives, and rival thieves all trying to get their hands on a large cache of gold, including his ex-lover, the infamous air pirate Hilda de Saphyre. Does he get back together with his old beau? Can he get out of the dark heart of the jungle alive? Does the so-called Gold Zeppelin even exist?

Stubborn as a Mule Hits Like a Ton of Bricks


Superb Fists
Great Resolve and Might
Good Athletics, Endurance, and Alertness
Fair Weapons, Investigation, Guns, and Intimidation
Average Resources, Leadership, Rapport, Stealth, and Survival


Brawler Inner Strength Herculean Strength Death Defiance Still Standing
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