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For Queen And Country!

"Trust me. That war was not so great."


Disease, war and greed nearly consumed the world in the wake of the Great War. Pushed to the brink by economics, the United States shattered in to a myriad of nations, some neutral and some less so. The Caribbean has become a hotbed of piracy and undeclared war. Korea rose up to destroy and then occupy Imperial Japan with British assistance, only to turn on its British Masters and ally itself with Nazi Germany.

The Russian Empire tears itself apart in a 20 year civil war between White Tsarists and Red Bolsheviks, a war that spills in to Alaska and threatens Pacifica. Nazi Germany, in the wake of Hitlers assassination, slowly consumes Europe, taking possession of a vast network of overseas possessions. It's alliance with Korea in the far east and the Industrial States of America in the heart of what was once the United States places it in a position to bring war to the entire world in one fell swoop.

Birds of War is a grand stage of unclear borders, mysterious jungle ruins and arrogant, aloof empires. Mobsters prowl the shadows, ruthless corporations rise to crush the common man and adventure lurks behind every corner.

The British Empire is at its Zenith, constantly bickering with its arch rival, the Grand Republic of France! Unchallenged in the last ten years as the United States disintegrated and Russia imploded, both now watch the rising power and aggression of Nazi Germany with concern.

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…In A Theater Near You!

"Maracaibo is in the gutter these days, used to the Mayor didn't need to be bribed, he just did what he was told."

Once a rural backwater, isolated across a massive inland bay, Maracaibo was ignored by the world until recently. Negro & Sobre el Terreno Oil (N&SeT) petitioned, through its minions in the National Senate, for Maracaibo to be named a free port and a special administrative district. With no real reason to object as there was nothing of worth in the area, the Senate acceded. N&SeT quickly built a refinery in the hills overlooking the massive bay and set about rebuilding the harbor district. One cannot ever say that N&SeT lacks a plan or a vision.

Weeks after the refinery was on-line, N&SeT shocked the world by announcing the discovery of Halo-X, the lighter-than-Hydrogen but safe gas. A superior lift medium that allowed the construction of larger, heavier craft, every nation in the world wanted some.

N&SeT declared it would only be sold in Maracaibo, and only to nations, corporations and persons on friendly terms with both Gran Colombia and N&SeT itself. The result was a boom of population and interest in the city of Maracaibo, a town dominated by one corporation but experiencing growth pains as prices skyrocket and foreigners flood in.


Love Potion Number 69

"The Spear, mien gott, where is the Spear?!"


Magic. The Occult. These subjects strike fear in to the heart of every scientist and religious zealot across the world. Many deny its existence, refute its power, but the Chinese, who hide behind their Great Wall of Elemental Air don't listen, while the Chancellor of Nazi Germany does not care. The Occult is all around in Birds of War, if sometimes subtle. Many claim that Halo-X shows occult properties, defying known rational thought in its behaviors, while some say that a bumble bee cannot fly based on the design of its body.

What is known, is that artifacts with unexplainable powers exist alongside stage magicians who claim magical powers that the sorcerers in the audience sneer at. Magic is rarely obvious or direct, but when it is, it leaves men shaken in its wake.

The Ivory Zeppelin!

"By expanding on Teslas work, I have created…An Even Bigger Death Ray!"

Birds of War is a game of Petro-Punk, where the Internal Combustion Engine and Electricity reign as the main power sources. Clockwork men, fantastic flying machines and examples of Amazing Science!(TM) are rare, but within grasp. France leads the world, technologically speaking, with its vast network of universities, though its dominance is threatened by the vigorous work in the old United States.

Due to the death of the United States the Automobile never caught on quite like in our own world. Instead, it was the Zeppelin, the airplane and the autogyro that captivate attention. Every wealthy family has at least one Aero and a membership at the local skyport.

A recent Gran Colombian breakthrough in research has yielded the next-generation breakthrough of Halo-X, a gas that blends the lifting capacity of Hydrogen with the stability of Helium, capable of lifting heavy zeppelins safely. Aeronautics research proceeds at a breakneck pace, as the American States pour their boundless energy in to the next big thing and the large empires prepare for the inevitable showdown that will come.


Don't change that dial!

"This week, on The Shadow…"
These logs represent our fine player base as it goes about its adventures! Giant robots, hidden temples, amazing aerial dogfights and bar room brawls! The players of Birds of War have it all and do it better!

The Further Adventures of…

These comic strips are representory of the adventures of our players.


Random Player


10 Jul 2009 19:54

Aliases None in Particular
Nationality Formerly American
Birth Place NYC
Ethnicity Primarily English
Birthdate October 1899
Concept Roughneck Veteran of the Great War
rating: +4+x

"I can recognize a hopeless situation when I see it. This'll be my eighth one."


Fitch Langdon Detherage grew up poor, scrabbling and scrapping in the streets of what was then New York City. As he fought his way through his teenage years, he often ended up with a bottle of some rotgut liquor in whichever hand wasn't knuckle-deep in some other guy's jaw. Due to some minor fighting-related indiscretions and a severe lack of other options, Detherage ended up in the American Expeditionary Forces when the old U.S. entered the Great War. There, he fought less but shot more and continued drinking at pretty much the same pace. Many around him died, he himself suffered a bout of infleunza under field conditions and he returned to the States a changed man, haunted by images of war and bloodshed.


Detherage scraped by in hardscrabble fashion, working with his hands either in harsh factory conditions or in unsanctioned back-alley brawls with hundreds of Dollars on the line. His streetfighting skills did not translate perfectly to the legitimate prizefighting sport, but he managed to support himself, if not exactly live out the American Dream. Then the American Dream died, and part of Fitch Detherage did as well. He left North America entirely during that time, traveling southward and digging larger and larger holes for himself to fall into, usually figuratively but literally on occasion as well. He'd given up on himself, but some part of him still had not given up on the promise of what America had always stood for.

Detherage vs. The Last, Best Hope

Detherage is a hard man. The streets of Maracaibo will chew you up and spit you out if you aren't. But when rumors crop up that the original Constitution of the old United States has been stolen and is somewhere in Maracaibo awaiting resale, he feels a bit of a twinge. When a stacked brunette with a Southern U.S. accent shows up in town making her own inquiries, he's somewhat intrigued. When she blows her investigation like a naive teenager and shows up in a bar he frequents with a bunch of goons hot on her heels, he knows he's being played. Still, with his patriotic and… other sensibilities aroused, Detherage leads the dame out of immediate danger and through the innumerable other hazards of Maracaibo. He's making somebody angry, and he still doesn't even know who he should trust. Are the rumors true or is some other game being played? And who, exactly, are the players?

A Brief Informal

Birds of War, in tone, is a combination of fields and elements pieced together to fall into place like a large puzzle. To put it in more formal formula terms:

\begin{align} \left[ {Pulp Adventure + Hard Boiled Noir \over National Politics} \ast \left( Mad Science + Mythos Occult \over Ancient Civilizations ^D^a^r^k ^S^e^c^r^e^t^s \right) \right] \end{align}

Birds of War has detectives with a need for danger, Nazi generals who loath the world and love the Fatherland, robots with the brains and souls of dead men. We incorporate so many types of characters that sometimes it's hard to keep it all together in one bag of tricks. This means that nearly anyone can find a niche or find others that are like minded, if they so desire.

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