New Character

Steps To Creating A Character

Note: As long as you do each step in order (Name then Origin…etc) you can always use the same command previously used to edit previous steps. Ie, if you're working on Discovery and want to change your name, just type NAME [new name].

  1. Pick a name.
    • If you are a Villain, pick either Long Term or Short Term.
  2. Write a Origin summary.
  3. Pick two Origin Aspects.
  4. Write a Discovery summary.
  5. Pick two Discovery Aspects.
  6. Pick a Novel Title.
  7. Write a Novel Summary.
  8. Pick two Novel Aspects
  9. Pick 1 Superb Skill, 2 Great Skills, 3 Good Skills, 4 Fair Skills, 5 Average Skills.
    • If you are a Villain, pick 1 Poor Skill and 1 Terrible Skill
  10. Pick 5 Stunts.
    • If you are a Villain, pick 1 additional Stunt.
  11. Desc your character.
  12. Play.

Note: If you are a Villain, you must do the below, otherwise it is optional

  1. Create a Wikidot account.
  2. Join Birdsofwar Wikidot. (See Below)
  3. Create a new character page. (See Below;Password: birdsofwar)
  4. Contact Admin.
  5. Play.
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